4 Common Garage Door Problems

Having problems with your garage door is never good. Any sort of problem can be bad because it can not only drain the benefits of automatic opening and closing of the door; you might not be able to open or close your garage door manually. Learning about some common garage door problems will not only help you diagnose and fix the problem yourself, but you can also convey the exact problem to a technician if calling for a professional repair service. This article will explain some troubleshooting tips for a faulty garage door opener.


What if your garage door is not closing fully?

If your garage door is not closing fully, there might be two problems here. First, your close-limit switch may need some adjustments. This switch is responsible for telling the motor unit when to stop. To check if the trouble maker is the switch, alter the switch and the motor unit’s distance. Find a screw on the motor unit and then turn it to either side to make the adjustments. Your door should now close fully.


However, if the door still isn’t closing fully, you can manually pull the door up and down to check if anything physical is not interfering with the closing mechanism.


 If your remote working fine?

If your garage door is perfectly opening and closing using a wall switch, your remote must be malfunctioning. Make sure you are standing at the right distance from the opener unit. If the remote is within the defined operating range, try changing the batteries. Also, ensure the remote is programmed correctly. If it still doesn’t work, you may need a new remote. 


The remote is fine, but the door doesn’t open or close.

In such a scenario, there may be a problem with the electric supply of your garage door. To confirm if it’s an electrical problem, see the lights; if they are not working, the culprit is here. Also, check if the opener unit is properly connected to the power source and the corresponding circuit breaker is not tripped.


However, if you find out that the power supply is not the issue here, use the emergency chain. Releasing this chain will open the door manually. If the opening and closing transaction is smooth, you need professional help.


The motor doesn’t stop.

If this is the problem, a simple solution lies with the close-limit switch. To make the adjustments move the switch away from the motor unit and see if it solves the problem. This is one of the common problems of a newly installed garage door.


Many problems like above may need just simple fixtures that you can manage yourself. However, for many issues and in general, it’s always best to call professionals. Get help from garage door experts at Cypress Garage & Gates. To schedule an appointment, call us at 832-677-3502.

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