6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to an Electric Garage Door

When you are looking to install a garage door, multiple options surface; electric garage doors have been garnering attention due to the security, convenience, and other benefits they offer. In addition, they are available in many designs and styles, so you can choose what you prefer for your electric door installation. We will mention more benefits of electric garage doors in the blog post.

Reasons You Need to Consider Electric Garage Doors

Here are some benefits of electric garage doors:

  1. High Level of Safety & Security: An important aspect of garage doors is the safety of your assets and house. With electric garage doors, you have the highest level of security and safety, especially in comparison to manual garage doors. The most useful feature of an electric garage door is that you can open it with the help of a remote rather than dragging or pulling it.
  2. Convenience: When you invest in a garage door, you invest in making your routine a bit more convenient. You can save a lot of your precious time since you no longer have to get out of the vehicle to operate the door; you can simply use your remote to do so. This saves time when you are already getting late for work or another commitment.
  3. Energy-Efficient: A significant advantage of electric garage doors is that they save a remarkable amount of energy, which means you don’t have to use a lot of power for the door to function. Since they are environmentally friendly, you can use them with no guilt.
  4. Low-Maintenance: If you have a regular garage door, chances are it requires a lot of maintenance and care for optimal performance. This is not a problem if you opt for an electric garage door — as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions, your garage doorway will work just fine. However, make sure to call an experienced professional for yearly maintenance.
  5. Customized: You don’t have to go with one predesigned garage door. There are a plethora of materials, textures, colors, and opening styles that you can tailor according to your preference. This way, you can choose what works best for your property and enjoy the many benefits of an electric garage door.
  6. Lighting: You can have built-in lights with a garage door, which traditional garage doors do not offer. This way, your illuminated garage will keep any potential intruders from breaking into your property. In addition, lighting is pretty useful in instances of bad weather or winter.

Is it Possible to Turn a Garage Door into an Automatic One?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of electric garage doors, you must be wondering if you can upgrade your garage door. To answer, it is possible to transform manual doors into a motorized openings. Therefore, consult an expert garage door professional to see if your manual garage door is eligible for an upgrade. If not, you will need a brand-new door.


To wrap it all up, if you are exploring garage door options, electric garage doors are packed with benefits. From convenience to lighting, there are a lot of advantages that manual doors do not offer. Consult our experts at Cypress Garage Door & Gates for an effective job and enjoy the many benefits of your electric garage door! Dial (832) 349-2189 to look into your options today, or give us a visit at  23550 Highway 290, Unit # 3, Cypress, TX 77429.

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