9 Step Guide To Align Garage Door Sensors

Garage doors are an essential part of the house when it comes to safety and security of the house and sensors play an important role in it. Garage door sensors are a fundamental part of the system, which is why they must align correctly with other features for proper door functioning.

They comprise 2 parts. The first sends a signal, and the second receive it on the other half of the garage door opening. This results in an invisible beam which, if interrupted by anything in its path, stimulates the garage door opener to go in reverse. This leads to the door returning to its original opening position.

How To Successfully Align Garage Door Safety Sensors?

Garage door sensors protect your family and possessions by not letting the heavy garage door to close down in case anything is in its path.

The garage door sensor ensures safety by using its electric eye sensor, which crosses the doorway. If it does not receive the beam, the door will reverse back and stay open.

This feature is a lifesaver until the components of the garage door sensor no longer align with one another—this means that the door would not close at all.

Fortunately, you can fix misaligned garage door sensors in 9 easy steps.

Turn off the power

Make sure you disconnect the power source to your sensors by tripping the fuse for your garage, which is in your household’s breaker box. Please note that you would not be actually working with the electrical wires; however, precautionary measures are a must.

Loosen the screws of your Garage Door

Loosen those screws that help mount your garage door sensors; however, don’t take them all the way out completely. Just detach them enough so that the mounting brackets can slide up and down, but they won’t do so unless you intentionally move them.

Move the sensor

Slide each garage door sensor down as low as possible without unfastening the mounting brackets.

Tie the String

Tie the string on one sensor in case if it is pulled across the garage doorway; the sensor will run across the center.

Run the string across the garage doorway

Place the string across and tie it to the opposite side of the sensor. Set the knot as such so that the string runs across the center of that sensor, as well.

Keep a level at the bottom

This is done so that the bottom runs along the string. Make sure that the line of the string is on level.

If it is not, then adjust 1 or both garage door sensors by moving the mounting bracket up. Continue until the garage door sensors align together.

Tighten the screws

This step is necessary to secure the garage door sensors in their changed position.

Ensure that the string used is on a level

Before finishing up. The garage door sensors may have become misaligned after tightening of the screws.

Finish off the whole process

By de-stringing and turning the power on to your garage door.

Final Words

Adjusting the alignment of a misplaced sensor is possible in case of no damage. Once the garage door safety sensors align together, the LED light will be lit up. If you have more queries or want to get, your garage door repaired, head to Cypress Garage Door and Gates for more information. To contact us, dial (832) 349-2189.

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