A Guide To Tackle Three Very Common Garage Gate Issues

The garage door stands majestic between your garage and the outside porch. Thus, any problem with it can cause you much trouble and may even be hazardous for you and your loved ones. Therefore, we will discuss some common garage gate issues, how you can run a successful diagnosis, and when to pull back your gear to let the experts deal with the issue.

Unusual Noises In Your Garage Door:

When something is wrong with your garage door, it tries to warn you through some unusual sounds. A creaking or squeaking sound calls for the lubrication of moving parts. You would probably need to lubricate the rollers, which you can do using silicone-based lubricants.
Other common sounds that can emanate from a faulty garage door are as follows:

Rattling noise: This happens when something is loose, and diagnosis requires an inspection which is best left in the hands of professionals.

Popping Sound: This usually indicates a problem with torsion springs that can be loose or need lubrication. If you need to replace them, it is best to seek professional aid.

One Loud Bang: A single loud noise implies that something within the door mechanism broke, and you need to stay away from the door until professionals see through the problem.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Move:

You try hard, but your garage door refuses to bulge? There may be some reasons you can work on one by one and then rule them out. Some common problems that make your garage door disobedient to your orders are as follows:

Dead Batteries: If you are using a keypad or remote, there are chances that they are not working. You can try replacing the batteries and check if the door works with new batteries in place.

Check The Garage Door Openers: Check to see if all the lights are on and working. If that’s not the case, the motor might be disconnected from the power supply, which may be due to the blown-out fuse. You may try your hand at the circuit breaker to see if it is tripped.

Troubleshoot some more ideas of why the garage door doesn’t work; refer to the instruction manual of your garage door for some answers. However, if you can’t debug the problem, ring a professional to inspect more complex parts.

Abnormal Garage Door Movement:

Here are a few examples of what we mean by abnormal garage door movement:

Door Closes Or Open Too Quickly: This occurs when some parts of your garage door are worn out, and the system is unable to detect an obstruction in the path, causing the door to move at speed.

Door Is Sluggish: It indicates lack of lubrication in the rollers or dirty tracks.

Door Reverses Its Position Midair: You can see this happening when you try to close the door, but it reverses and opens up again. This implies a problem with photo eye sensors; they may be misaligned or clouded. Try to align them or wipe the sensor clean. Otherwise, you will need a professional for sensor replacement. Call Cypress Garage doors and Gates at 832-677-3502 for all your maintenance and repair needs.

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