Awesome Features Of An Automatic Garage Door.

Several homes have garages in them, and why shouldn’t they? Garages are the master of all places, you park your cars in them, you can rack up your gym equipment there, or use it to carry out your hobbies. However, none of you would recall a manual garage door without an electronic opener. Automatic doors eliminate all the fuss and make operating the door easier. Not only you wouldn’t break a sweat using them, but these doors also incorporate some safety features to protect you and your loved ones from harm or injury. Let’s discuss a few features of automatic garage doors.

Three Safety Features Of Automatic Garage Doors:

After facing any resistance in its pathway, the door stops its downward motion and reverses the direction. A garage doorway weight can range around crushing 130 to 400 pounds. Hence, under such an immense load, a garage door can crumble anything in its path. Therefore, this makes the door fatal for anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in its way.

Thus, auto-reverse pulls the door back up once it encounters an obstruction to prevent loss of life. For regular checkups, you can verify the operation by placing a sturdy object under the door while it closes. However, if the door fails to perform the trick in your test, call Cypress Garage Door & Gates for urgent repairs.

Infra-red sensors:
Garage doors also integrate an optical fail-safe. An array of infrared cameras overlooks the closing path of the door. Moreover, these cameras construct a grid of beams that, when cut, pulls up the closing door or prevents the opening of a closed one. Along with the auto-reverse function, this tops up the security of the door. Again with simple steps, you can test the operation of this feature as well.

Manual Control:
Imagine that you are stuck inside your garage during heavy rain or blinding blitz during a power cut-off. Now, due to the power loss, you couldn’t escape the garage using the electronic control. Luckily, garage door manufacturers thought about it and installed a manual control. Mostly, the manual override is in the form of a red lever. Yes, a red lever so it will not be hard to miss.

Pulling down on the lever disconnects the door from the system and enables you to open it manually.

Additional Feature:

The Smart Garage Door:
You would be aware of smart TVs or smart A/C; therefore, acquaint yourself with a new product thanks to IoT, “smart garage”. You can watch over your garage through portable devices, such as mobile phones or laptops, with this feature. This feature is like a cherry on the top of your garage security, allowing you an insight into what’s going on in your garage.


Automatic doors include many smart and handy features such as auto-reverse, infra-red sensors, or manual control. Thus, you wouldn’t want these security features of automatic garage doors to give up on you. Therefore, yearly maintenance is a must, so give Cypress Garage Door & Gates a call at 832-677-3502.

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