Building Materials For Garage Door Windows You Can Choose From

When you add windows to your garage door, you are adding significant value to your home. A garage door with great windows sets your home apart with an imperial grandeur. Inevitably, garage door windows increase the curb appeal of your house. Windows enable natural illumination of your garage so you can avoid the use of heavy lighting in your garage. In addition, windows also help you cut down your electricity bill. However, to make the best use of windows, you need to choose the right type of building material for your window. Therefore, let’s discuss three types of material you can use for garage door windows.

Glass Window:

Glass is one of the most common and traditional types of building material for windows. It’s a supercooled inorganic solid. As you know, glass has been used to make windows for centuries due to its innate transparency. Moreover, you can level up your windows using frosted or tinted glass, although these modifications may reduce the light passing through the glass. Nonetheless, frosted or tinted glass does add to the privacy of your garage.

While glass may be the material you need for your window, it has some drawbacks. First of all, the glass is easiest to shatter among the options we will discuss. In addition, glass breaking into small, sharp pieces poses a severe risk of injury. For this reason, many may opt for the plastic building material for windows.

Polycarbonate Sheet For Windows:

Polycarbonates are sheets of “thermoplastic,” which make them quite resilient. The primary benefit of this type of building material for windows is its impact resistance. This means that it’s next to impossible to break polycarbonate windows; these are about 250 times more resistant to shattering than glass.

Secondly, polycarbonate sheets are better insulators compared to glass. Therefore, it can help you cut down your utility costs. However, polycarbonate windows are more prone to scratching compared to glass.

Plexiglass Windows:

Another plastic-based window material, plexiglass is fabricated using acrylic plastic. Acrylic is renowned for its stiffness, durability, and clarity. Therefore, its innate strength makes plexiglass more shatter-resistant than glass but to a lesser extent than polycarbonate. In addition, the glass you use in windows also reflects a great deal of light. Hence, if you happen to encounter a thick glass slab, you will notice a yellowish tinge in it. However, that’s not the case with plexiglass, thanks to its outstanding clarity.


We can summarize our above discussion by reiterating a few qualities each material poses that distinguish them from the lot.
Glass: Glass is a widely available option that is cheap and scratch-proof.
Polycarbonate: It is known for its outstanding durability and thermal insulation.
Plexiglass: It is durable and offers exceptional clarity.

Such a wide variety of window building materials ensures that you can make smart choices according to your needs. However, an even smarter choice is to call Cypress Garage Door & Gates for all your window fitting and repair needs. In addition, you can contact us at 832-677-3502 for more inquiries.

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