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Steel is a popular material of choice for garage doors, and its reputation is well earned because steel has much to offer:

  • Limitless Designs: Steel allows the manifestation of many beautiful designs. Thus, one’s creativity is the only limitation.
  • Strong: No doubt about the strength of steel as a building material
  • Cheap: Steel is more affordable compared to other garage door materials, such as wood.

Although steel has plenty to offer, it is not without its faults, and one such drawback is erosion or rust. Consequently, rust can shorten the door’s life span and impacts its durability. Therefore, to protect the door from rusting, house owners undertake many preventive measures. Nonetheless, it can only delay the inevitable. However, you can upgrade to these rust-free garage doors material if you don’t want rust to spoil your house’s finesse.

Aluminum Garage Door:

Planes are made out of aluminum, and so are many other things. Fortunately, aluminum has made its way to garage door manufacturing. Moreover, being rust-free makes aluminum a popular choice among garage door owners.

Chemistry contributes to the aluminum’s rust-free quality. Whenever aluminum reacts with oxygen, an indestructible oxide layer forms. Moreover, this layer is non-porous, so the moisture won’t seep in and react with the aluminum underneath.

Apart from the ability to keep rust at bay, aluminum is incredibly light yet durable. Thus, due to lightweight, the moving parts of the gate experience much less stress. Consequently, these parts face less wear and tear, which adds to the garage door’s durability. Moving towards expenses, generally, a steel door will cost lower than an aluminum door of the same size.

Stainless Steel Doors:

However, if you want a sleek metal look for your garage door and something modern yet classic, you can level up to stainless steel. Stainless steel is another rust-free garage door material, but it comes at a cost. Stainless steel is a costly rust-free alternative. However, the high investments suit this material well because, in the long run, you will save money thanks to low maintenance. Moreover, like traditional steel, stainless steel is durable. Hence, stainless steel doors offer a powerful combo of rust resistance and high durability.


Wood adds a classical and traditional touch to your home, increasing its curb appeal. Most importantly, wood is a strong garage door material that doesn’t catch rust. However, the freedom from rust and the aesthetic pleasure can be costly. This is because wood requires high maintenance to protect it from termites and swelling due to moisture seepage. Moreover, the wooden door itself is expensive. However, the price can vary according to the type of wood used and construction. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a rust-free garage door, wooden doors can satisfy your needs.


Rusting is a draining process that can drain your budget and the strength out of the material it attacks. Therefore, if you reside in a rust-prone area, it’s better to upgrade to a rust-free garage door. However, it doesn’t matter which material you choose to build a door, regular maintenance and repairs are a must. Cypress Garage Door & Gates will tend to all your repair needs, and you can also call us at 832-677-3502.

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