Garage doors protect your home in the best possible way they can. However, they are often neglected the most. There are some professional garage door adjustment tips homeowners can use themselves. This will help them rule out any troubling issues earlier so the professionals can tackle them on time. But refrain from fixing issues yourself, … Continue reading “All You Need to Know About Professional Garage Door Adjustment”


Your garage door is the unsung hero of your home, faithfully opening and closing day in and day out. But like any hero, it needs maintenance to keep it in top shape. You can check for creaks or groans to ensure everything runs smoothly. Remember to give it a little tender loving care when needed. … Continue reading “How To Inspect Your Garage Door Via Garage Door Maintenance Checklist”


Installing a new garage door on old tracks is possible in certain cases, but it’s not recommended. Think of it like trying to fit a new outfit on an existing hanger; at times, it works, but it does not align at other times. If your existing rails are in good condition, straight, and properly aligned, … Continue reading “Can You Install a New Garage Door On the Old Tracks?”


Your garage door motor is like the engine that powers the magic of your garage door opening and closing effortlessly. If that motor starts acting up, you might need to consider a garage door motor replacement. It’s swapping out the tired or malfunctioning motor with a new one. Think of it as giving your garage … Continue reading “How is Garage Door Motor Replacement Professionally Performed?”


There is no doubt about the strength and durability of metal gates. However, time is cruel; even the sturdy materials can wear down with it. Whether addressing rusty hinges, fixing a misalignment, or replacing a damaged latch, metal gate repair ensures your metal buddy is back in tip-top shape. It’s about creating a secure and … Continue reading “5 Signs You Need A Metal Gate Repair”


A suitable garage door bottom seal can save you hours of blowing and energy that otherwise would go into keeping the heater on. Leaves, dirt, and a cold atmosphere can compromise the cleanliness and safety of your garage. Especially if you use our garage as a workshop, staying there during the winter can be hard. … Continue reading “Guard Your Entrance Right: Types Of Garage Door Bottom Seals”


Garage door springs are strong and long-lasting. However, certain environmental factors don’t spare them. They are key to your garage door’s opening and closing functions. If you look above your garage door, you will see a coil parallel to it. This coil is what we refer to as a garage door’s spring. Garage Door Springs … Continue reading “Cost To Replace Garage Door Spring”


If you own an automated gate, you must know how convenient it is. It also promises the security of your premises. However, like every other tech, they are also prone to malfunctioning and disrupting your routine flow. For example, not opening up on time and locking you inside the house when you must reach the … Continue reading “How Often Do Automated Gates Have To Be Serviced?”


The idea of re-programming your garage door often fills your head with annoyance. You need to realize that it doesn’t involve rocket science, just some DIY skills paired with a bit of courage. Even if you screw up, your local experts at Cypress Garage and Gates are here for the rescue. Let’s further walk you … Continue reading “4-Step Guide to Program an Automatic Garage Door System”


Doing it yourself, choosing a cheaper model or buying a door that does not complement your architecture are not all but some potential mistakes you tend to make when replacing a garage door. Of course, you know better what’s best for your garage but an expert is an expert for a reason, don’t you think? … Continue reading “Replacing Garage Doors? Here are 7 Potential Mistakes to Avoid”

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