A loose garage door chain is a problem that needs prompt attention as the adverse effects can be quite hazardous. If you let the chain remain loose, the load on your garage door opener increases more than usual, and there is an increased risk of the door jumping off the track. There are multiple ways … Continue reading “Dealing With A Loose Garage Door Chain – Will Troubleshooting Help?”


Is your garage door sensor’s yellow light malfunctioning? What seems like a complicated problem might actually require a simple solution. Most of the time, the problem doesn’t indicate a major issue. Still, it is better to know the reasons why your garage door sensor is yellow. What Does the Yellow Sensor in the Garage Door … Continue reading “If Your Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light is Faulty, these 4 Reasons Could Be Why”


Garage owners know that little problems might arise. Still, it does not help when the minor inconvenience does arrive. For example, a garage door that’s off track isn’t exactly how you would prefer to start your day. However, it is still a problem that you shouldn’t neglect. But you can deal with this garage door … Continue reading “Is Your Garage Door Off Track? Try These 8 Steps”


You could end up stranded on the other side of the garage door if the spring on your garage door breaks. But hold onto optimism since there’s still a chance you can open or, should I say, lift the door. Because the garage door springs lose their lifting capacity when they break, they must be … Continue reading “Here Is How To Open Garage Door With Broken Spring”


Here’s how you can synchronize your garage door opener in 9 easy steps: 1. Choose your remote control Start off with selecting the right remote control. For this, see the manufacturer name you purchased the garage door from. Once you do, buy the remote from them. If you buy the door from the lift master … Continue reading “9 Step Guide To Synchronise Your garage Door Opener with The remote”


Garage doors are an essential part of the house when it comes to safety and security of the house and sensors play an important role in it. Garage door sensors are a fundamental part of the system, which is why they must align correctly with other features for proper door functioning. They comprise 2 parts. … Continue reading “9 Step Guide To Align Garage Door Sensors”


One of the household products you usually never ponder over is a garage door spring. That is, until it breaks, leaving you stranded in the garage with a door that won’t open and a vehicle that can’t drive you to work. They essentially function as the springs that open and close the heavy door. A … Continue reading “Why Is Garage Door Spring Replacement Not A DIY Task?”


You might have come across the names of various garage door parts, from openers to seals. Each component has an important role; being familiar with them can help you with your garage door maintenance. Seals can come in handy if you’re worried about weather-stripping your garage door. Read this blog to learn about the garage … Continue reading “Garage Door Bottom Seal Types & Why Are They Useful”


Wooden garage doors give your homes an aesthetic outer look. However, their daily usage causes them to deteriorate over time and thus, require proper care. Therefore, give time to your garage doors so that they can last and function longer and make your house look more luxurious. If you’re wondering how to maintain them for … Continue reading “How To Protect Wooden Garage Door From Rotting”


Sometimes, you might find yourself facing a garage door that won’t open. Whether it is a power outage or any other problem, it can hurdle your daily routine. For instance, maybe you are getting late for work, and now the garage door won’t budge. Usually, it is better to get professional services. Nonetheless, you should … Continue reading “Do You Know How to Open a Garage Door Manually In Case of a Power Outage?”

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