Installing a new garage door on old tracks is possible in certain cases, but it’s not recommended. Think of it like trying to fit a new outfit on an existing hanger; at times, it works, but it does not align at other times. If your existing rails are in good condition, straight, and properly aligned, … Continue reading “Can You Install a New Garage Door On the Old Tracks?”


Are you planning to install a new garage door? Before you start shopping around for the perfect door, there are some hidden costs that you need to watch out for. While the cost of a garage door installation may seem straightforward, there are some additional expenses that you may not be aware of. In this … Continue reading “The Hidden Costs of Garage Door Installation: What to Watch Out For”


Imagine going to a doctor who has recently graduated from medical school. He completes 2 years of residency and decides to open up a practice immediately. Why is this important, you may be asking? Most doctors work at hospitals under the guidance of an experienced doctor for 5-10 years before they even think about opening … Continue reading “Why experience is crucial for the garage door and gates industry”

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