Doing it yourself, choosing a cheaper model or buying a door that does not complement your architecture are not all but some potential mistakes you tend to make when replacing a garage door. Of course, you know better what’s best for your garage but an expert is an expert for a reason, don’t you think? … Continue reading “Replacing Garage Doors? Here are 7 Potential Mistakes to Avoid”


If you are reading this article, you likely have a garage door with a broken spring. That isn’t great! There is hope, however, as you can open your garage even if you have a broken spring. The party blower is that it isn’t safe, and it is better if you didn’t try to open it … Continue reading “Have A Garage Door With A Broken Spring?”


People often wonder how often to lubricate a garage door as a poorly maintained garage door would make squeaky disturbing noise. When the door creates a loud sound, it is a sign that the door needs greasing. If not maintained on time it might harm the garage door, and you might need to reinvest. Therefore, … Continue reading “Garage Door Lubrication”


A broken garage door spring can ruin your day. It will basically make your garage door impossible to open or close, and can even be dangerous if you try to fix it yourself. Here is some quick information on what you should do if this ever happens to your door. Signs You Have a Broken … Continue reading “Broken Garage Door Spring? Here’s What to Do Next”

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