Your garage door motor is like the engine that powers the magic of your garage door opening and closing effortlessly. If that motor starts acting up, you might need to consider a garage door motor replacement. It’s swapping out the tired or malfunctioning motor with a new one. Think of it as giving your garage … Continue reading “How is Garage Door Motor Replacement Professionally Performed?”


Believe it or not, your garage might be the most inefficient part of your property. However, usually, we see the garage as an extension of the exterior and not an actual part of the house. If you start treating the garage similar to how you treat the other rooms in the house, the carbon footprint … Continue reading “Energy Efficiency and Your Garage Door: 4 Promising Tips for Savings”


If you recently had garage door installation or already have a garage door, insulating it will provide comfort and a lot of benefits. From comfort to durability, there are many aspects of garage door insulation that people usually do not consider. Other than this, you can look forward to many benefits of garage door insulation; … Continue reading “Insulate Your Garage Door to Enjoy the Many Advantages!”


Doors welcome others to your abode, so they must be grand as your interior. Above all that, we have a garage door that’s massive and hard to miss. Therefore, your selection of paint will make or break the vibe. Although the color is essential, the type of paint you will choose is equally important. Therefore, … Continue reading “Your Guide To Choose The Right Type Of Garage Door Paint”


A garage door adds finesse to your house. Thus, you wouldn’t want rust to attack the garage door. Apart from being unsightly, rust can impair the function of your door. Moreover, rust can seriously weaken the steel structure of your garage door. Undoubtedly, throughout the US, rust damages infrastructures worth millions of dollars and eats … Continue reading “How To Protect Your Garage Door From Damage Caused By Rust.”


As we all know, 2020 was a year we all mostly stayed indoors; it seems like a similar story on the horizon for the new year. And if that is the case, you would want to ensure your stay is entirely stress-free. If so, you should look after your home and especially your garage door. … Continue reading “What Are Your Garage Door Resolutions For The Year 2021?”


You can operate your garage door, either manually or automatically. If it’s an automatic garage door, you will need a switch and a remote to operate it. The weight of an automatic garage door is subject to the horsepower of the garage door opener. The weight of a garage door is subject to several factors, … Continue reading “Why Is The Garage Door Heavy?”

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