Choosing the Right Commercial Garage Door Opener: Key Considerations

Are you wondering which opener is right for your commercial garage door? There are many reasons why you should have a garage door for your commercial property. But choosing the type of material, door, style, and opener you want can be a bit challenging. There are many types of openers available, so which one should you go for? In this blog, we will list down key considerations to make before choosing a commercial garage door opener.

Key Considerations To Choose A Garage Door Opener

Here are some considerations that will help you pick the right type of opener for your commercial property:

1. Features of the Garage Door

Before you make a decision, assessing the characteristics of your garage door can be pretty helpful. You will need to think about the heaviness of your door — does it require more power to lift? You will need to measure the height and width of your door, and depending on whether it is a single-car door or a double-car door, you can choose a suitable opener. Other than this, you will also need to consider the material of your commercial garage door.

2. Type of Opener

Where you want to install the opener can also help you make the right choice. If you want a wall-mounted opener, a jackshaft opener might be what you need. On the other hand, trolley garage door openers are a great option if you have a big garage with sufficient opening space. You can consider a hoist opener for sectional doors with high lift walls; you can opt for this kind of opener for rolling doors and grilles as well.

You can ask a garage door company to inspect your garage door and help you reach the correct decision.

3. Horsepower

Another thing you’ll want to do is consider the horsepower of your door. Generally, the horsepower for commercial garage door openers ranges from ⅓ to over 1, which also depends on the size as well as the weight of the door.

4. Additional Features

There are many innovative features in commercial garage doors nowadays, which only make their operation and function more convenient by conforming to the user’s needs. Automation is one of these innovative features; basically, how it works is that it closes the garage door at a specified time, thanks to the timer, and ends up saving the operator from extensive toil. Other than this, the opener can operate even during power loss — which is a helpful feature. More features include the company’s safety policy and smart control options.

Final Takeaway

A commercial garage door is essential for multiple reasons; it provides manageable and safe access, first of all. Therefore, it is important to pick the right kind of opener for your doorway. To do so, you have to make a few considerations, including features of the garage door, type of opener, horsepower, and additional features. You can also get help from a professional to decide upon the right kind of garage door opener.

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