Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

If you’re planning to get a new garage door, you’ll need to consider the material you want the door to be made of. Here are a few tips to help make that choice easier.


There are three main materials that residential garage doors are made of – wood, steel, and aluminum. Let’s take a quick look at each.


Wood is one of the more popular choices because it gives a natural, classic look to a garage. It’s an affordable material and comes in a variety of choices. For instance, you can choose a painted or stained finish, as well as overlays or veneers. Regular maintenance will be a must, however. Wood can warp if it’s not maintained.


This is the strongest option and comes in a variety of finishes that resist rust. It’s also a relatively low maintenance option. You might need a little touch-up painting every so often, but that should be about it. Steel also does a great job of standing up to the elements.


This is the least expensive option and requires very little maintenance. In many instances, you won’t need any maintenance at all. Aluminum garage doors won’t rust, no matter how humid it may be outside, and they come in a wide range of great-looking styles and colors.

Let a professional with Cypress Garage and Gates help you choose the right garage door material to meet your needs. Contact us online or call 832-677-3502 to schedule an appointment.

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