Dealing With A Loose Garage Door Chain – Will Troubleshooting Help?

A loose garage door chain is a problem that needs prompt attention as the adverse effects can be quite hazardous. If you let the chain remain loose, the load on your garage door opener increases more than usual, and there is an increased risk of the door jumping off the track.

There are multiple ways you can deal with a loose garage door chain. The first method is troubleshooting to fix the problem, and the second is tightening the loose chain.

Tighten the Loose Chain of Your Garage Door

It is not uncommon for your garage door chain to slack because of everyday use due to vibrations and the weight of the motor and door itself. Tightening up the chain is, therefore, a regular step of maintenance.

1: Disengage your power supply to the garage door

Safety comes first, so make sure your garage is closed, and the power supply is disconnected. It is a crucial step, so pay attention to it. Since you will be up on a stepladder, there is a serious danger if the garage suddenly opens while you work.

Now, dismantle the garage door from its opener. Pull it down on the red manual release rope if you have a square rail opener. On the other hand, in the case of a T-rail opener, first, pull the manual release rope down and then back again toward the opener.

2: See where the adjustment bolt of your door opener is

Use a stepladder, preferably of wood, and take a good look at the trolley assembly. You will find a bolt on one side.

Moreover, there is a threaded fastener about 5 to 7 inches long which has two nuts screwed on (different functions). The nuts are separated with the help of a divider; you will find the locking nut closer to the opener.

3: Tighten- Adjustment nut And Loosen Locking Nut

With the help of a wrench, loosen the locking nut slightly and tighten the adjustment nut, increasing tension on the chain.

Continue tightening until it comes to its midpoint, which is about a quarter-inch over the rail. Makes sure not to over-tighten it, since it causes the chain rollers to wear out before intended.

Once the adjustment is made to the chain, it is time to tighten the locking nut. Make use of two wrenches for this purpose, the first one to hold the adjustment nut and the second to twist the locking nut.

4: Time For Power Reconnection and Engagement of Garage Door Opener

The fourth step is to plug the opener back and re-attachment either by pulling the manual release rope until the trolley snaps back in place; or by opening your garage door with the wall button.

Please note that you may see the chain loosening and drooping when re-engaging the opener. Do not worry at that point; it is normal since the chain will regain its tension force when the door is in the opening position.

5: Test It

It is time to see whether the fix is working or not. For that, open and close your garage door a few times and check if the issue is resolved or if there is still a problem. If you find the chain still knocking against the rail, tighten it up with the adjustment screw a little more.

To Sum it Up

Your chain will not need fixing for at least a year after this fix (if done correctly). However, your opener or chain needs replacement if it goes off-track frequently. Getting a professional involved in checking and making the right decisions for your garage door is better. Even if you need an emergency garage door repair in Cypress, contact Cypress Garage and Gates at (832) 349-2189

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