Do Satchels Work For Garage Door Rust?

Generally, a garage door has two or three opening panels. Some of them open in the front, while others open in the back of the house. It depends on your preference and needs to suit your requirements. These doors are present in a framework and open vertically. A garage door is strong enough to handle the wrath and withstand explosives. However, several factors can rust it. So how many satchels are needed for a garage door to rust? Let’s find out.

How many Satchels Are Required for Garage Door Rust?

A total of 9 satchel charges are needed for full garage door destruction.

How To Remove Garage Door rust With Satchel Charges?

  • Take a wood based garage door as a sample that is prone to burning.
  • Do not go for 6-bean can grenade; they are pretty loud and would be extremely noisy.
  • Sheet metal doors are more susceptible to satchel explosives; it needs only 4 satchel charges.
  • Place more than just one pouch at a time.
  • Throw at a safe distance.
  • Make sure that the satchel lands on the garage door and not the frame.
  • A disadvantage of this is that they can fuse out, fizzle and fail the whole purpose.
  • Satchel charges will remove the rust present on the garage door on bursting.

Garage Door Safety

Primarily, a garage door is meant to protect the entry point and the assets inside it. However, their sturdiness does not last forever; they lose their character to rust. Is there a way to stop it? Yes, here are some tips for your ease.

  • Always check your sensors periodically, whether their alignment is apt or not.
  • Keep your garage door free from any object that might cause obstruction.
  • Your reverse function might stop working after a while; therefore, check this particular function at intervals.
  • Set a secret garage code and ensure you do not forget it.
  • Learn the manual operation of your garage door. There may come a time you face a power cut; at that time, your knowledge regarding manual work will come in handy.

Get rid of garage door rusts.

Repair That Rust Patch

Here’s how you can mend the rusty spot on your garage door.
Below is the list of some necessary items:

  • Warm (luke warm)
  • Wool pad made of steel
  • Primer – zinc chromate
  • Pain resistant to rust
  • White vinegar
  • Grease cutter
  • Sponge or wash cloth
  • Sander
  • Paintbrush

Step Wise Procedure:

  1. Firstly, wipe clean the entire garage door with the grease-cutting dishwashing liquid.
  2. Rinse with water and let the door dry off.
  3. Next, soak the cloth in vinegar and start cleaning the rusty areas.
  4. Use a steel wool pad to rub the rust away in a circular motion.
  5. Sand the covering 2 cm of the rust.
  6. Coat that area with a primer with a paintbrush.
  7. After priming is done, paint the area.


Now you know the number of satchels required for garage door rust issues. Use the tips mentioned to remove the rusty areas and follow all the safety protocols detailed in this. Call professionals from Cypress Garage Door and Gates if your garage door needs a repair of any kind. To connect with us, dial (832) 349-2189.

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