Do You Know How to Open a Garage Door Manually In Case of a Power Outage?

Sometimes, you might find yourself facing a garage door that won’t open. Whether it is a power outage or any other problem, it can hurdle your daily routine. For instance, maybe you are getting late for work, and now the garage door won’t budge. Usually, it is better to get professional services. Nonetheless, you should know how to open a garage door manually, just in case. Below, you will find the steps to opening a garage door without power.

Steps to Open a Garage Door Manually

If you are facing a power outage, opening the garage door might be a bit difficult. But you can adhere to the steps below to get it to open:

1. The Door Should Be in Down Position

Before you try anything to open it, make sure that the garage door is closed. This is crucial, as an open door can be hazardous, especially if you try to disengage the opener. A broken or unbalanced spring can be an issue since releasing the opener would mean the door slides with all force on the ground. In short, your heavy garage door will slam down on the floor with all its weight. As a result, you can be badly injured.

2. Don’t Forget to Pull The Emergency Release Cord

The trolley is connected to the garage door and the opener carriage. The opener carriage helps the door open automatically. You need to operate the garage door manually. Hence, you should pull the emergency release cord to disconnect the trolley from the carriage, allowing it to open manually. It is a red rope hanging from the trolley. You will find it near the front of the door once it is closed.

3. Open the Garage Door Manually

After pulling the emergency release cord, you can move the garage door to open and close positions more freely. However, you might be unable to lift the heavy garage door if it has a broken spring. Springs help lift the door, and you should probably book a professional repair service if it is broken.

4. Pull The Emergency Release Cord Back By The Door

Now that you might have managed to manually open a garage door, you need to reengage the carriage. Therefore, pull the release cord towards the door to compress the spring lever. And voila! You can operate the garage door electrically once again.

5. Time to Reconnect the Trolley to the Opener Carriage

Lastly, complete the cycle by running the opener all the way up and down. This way, the trolley, and carriage will pass each other, making an audible clicking sound. The sound means that they are now connected. Thus, you can operate your garage door electrically once again.

Need A Little Help With Your Garage Door?

Your garage door might get stuck if the power goes out. Nevertheless, you can open it manually by following the steps above. Knowing how to open a garage door manually does not mean you should always do it yourself. Contact a professional company if you can’t open the door. Our expert team at Cypress Garage Door and Gates will be happy to help. Dial (832) 349-2189 to contact us.

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