Double Driveway Gates: The Right Choice for Your Home

One always looks for options to make their house better in terms of security and aesthetics. It gets tough when there are multiple options to choose from. When it comes to double driveway gates, the options are way many that it may confuse an expert too. The options range according to the material, operation, level of security, and aesthetics. A person can choose from wooden or aluminum gates or can opt for double swing driveway gates.

The Hardware of Double Driveway Gates

Double driveway gates need more hardware. They need the drop rods to place at the center as well as hinges for both sides. However, if an owner is spending money on the hardware, then he can save some on the material of the gates. The owner can use material which is light and doesn’t cost much. Since the driveway gates open together, therefore, they require less distance to swing the gate open. Nevertheless, the homeowner will have to invest more in the equipment to make the door automatic.

Sizes of the Gates

There are many different sizes a person can choose from for their double driveway gate. The size usually depends upon the space available. To measure the length, a person must start from the bricks and go all the way up to the horns. To measure the breadth/width, a person must take into account the top, the middle, and the bottom of the space. However, if a person is having a problem in calculating the length and the breadth, he/she can measure it first through a mobile app. A professional driveway gate installer can also help with the same.

Anything that adds beauty to the house is worth giving a try. Therefore, people must contact Cypress Garage and Gates to install the double driveway gates that look as good in reality as in their imaginations. Call us today on 832-677-3502 to get your dream gate installed.

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