Easily Stain Your Wooden Garage Door In Just Three Steps.

A garage is not only for your cars; it’s there to make a statement. With a wooden garage door comes an unparalleled traditional and classic look. It will undoubtedly increase the curb appeal of your home and will hoist the resale value of your residence. However, these benefits come at a cost because the wooden garage door is usually the most expensive out of the lot. Nonetheless, that’s not the end of the problem, as a wooden garage is prone to wear and tear and rotting. You can protect your wooden garage door by using wood stains.

What Is Wood Stain And How Does It Help?

Wood stain is a combination of dye and pigment that penetrate deep into the wood. Therefore, it provides better protection than its counterparts, such as paints. Here are a few benefits of staining your wooden garage door:

  • Improve the aesthetics of your garage door by making the wood grains more prominent.
  • It prevents the garage door from rotting by keeping molds and mildew at bay.
  • Protects the wood from the harmful effect of sunlight that can cause fading or cause wood to lose its luster.
  • Successfully stave off termites.

In a nutshell, the wood stain will not only improve the appearance of your garage door but help retain the structural integrity of the door.

What Kind Of Stain Should You Go For?

There are several wood stains you can go for. However, keep in mind that the stain you opt for should be durable because your garage door is subjected to some of the worst weather. Oil-based stains are a good choice for this purpose as they are durable and provide enhanced protection. Other than that, it would help if you considered what colors and textures would suit your garage door.

How To Stain Your Wooden Garage Door?
Here is how you can stain your garage door:

Cleaning the door: Before you go down with the stain and the paintbrush. Clean your garage door thoroughly with a good wood cleaner. Make sure you get rid of all the dust and grime because their presence will not allow the pigments of the stain to adhere to the wooden surface.

Sanding Your Garage Door:

  1. Sand your garage door to make it more receptive to stain.
  2. Cover the edges of the doors to protect them.
  3. After staining, cover the nearby lawn and plants to shield them against the stain splashes.

Apply The Stain:

  1. After cleaning the door, wait until the door is completely dry. The door should be ready after a day.
  2. Take the paintbrush and try to apply the stain evenly.
  3. Back brush the applied stain before it has dried to even it across the surface.
  4. Let the stain sit for some time, allowing it to penetrate.
  5. Remove the excess stain.


You have now stained your wooden garage door. However, when the damage is very prevalent, the stain won’t help, and replacing is the best option. You can replace your garage door with new ones from our updated collection. Call Cypress Garage Door And Gates at 832-677-3502 to learn more about how we can help.

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