Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Springs Breakdown

A garage door can weigh a lot, but it still moves seamlessly on your command. What makes this transition as smooth as possible? Springs!

Springs are what holds a garage door in the upright open state, and they also make sure that the garage door closes steadily. Hence, as you would have guessed, springs are a vital part of the garage door system, without which you cannot operate the door. Nonetheless, like a majority of products, garage door springs don’t last a lifetime. Hence, let’s discuss a few reasons why your garage door spring might break down.

Types Of Garage Door Springs And Their Use:

There are two types of spring systems: a torsion spring system and an extension spring system. However, regardless of what system your door uses, the end result is the same: to counter the door’s weight. Hence, springs help to hold the door in a horizontal opening position, and in this state, the spring is fully relaxed. On the contrary, when the closing mechanism moves the door down, it slowly gains tension with maximum strain under the closed position.

Therefore, if the spring breaks, the door that is not closed can move down violently. When the door comes pressing down, it shows no mercy. Therefore, we advise you to stay out of a moving door’s radar as a caution. Now, you know why the well-being of a garage door’s spring is essential. Let’s discuss two reasons that result in a malfunctioning spring.

Two Reasons That Can Lead To A Spring Breakdown:

Wear And Tear: Wear and tear would eventually lead to a snapping spring, and this mainly occurs when it’s under maximum strain. Wear and tear a spring endure often depends on the climate, door, and the frequency of usage. Eventually, with time the spring loses its strength and elasticity. That is why you may notice your garage door sagging down when held horizontal.

Springs are engineered to serve the optimum amount of ‘cycles’. One cycle equals the complete opening and closure of the door. On average, a spring can assist in about 10,000 cycles. If you are using your door extensively, then you will exhaust these cycles more rapidly. Therefore, if your garage serves multiple purposes, opt for a sturdier spring that can last for more cycles.

Rust: Rust can accelerate the wear and tear of spring. Consequently, a rusty spring gives up the ghost before its due time. Rust is highly dependent on the environment and your maintenance. Hence, greasing is a great measure to protect the spring from rust.

Should You Replace Springs By Yourself?

Spring systems are complex and hazardous to work with. Hence, you should save yourself the effort and leave the repair to professionals. Therefore, contact Cypress Garage Door & Gates for all your spring repair and maintenance needs. Moreover, you can call us at 832-677-3502 for more inquiries.

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