How do I know which gate suits my driveway?

The choice of gates depends on your exterior. We provide our clients of choosing the gate that complements the look of their driveway and style of their home. Our team would inspect your driveway and suggest what’s best for you depending on your security and privacy preference.

Can existing manual gates be automated?

Automating an existing manual gate depends on the attributes of the gate and its parts. However, automation would require specific modification to the current gate. Our team will assess your existing gate condition and will suggest accordingly.

What happens in case of a power failure?

All automatic gates we install come with a manual gate release setting used in case of a power cut. These features will override the automatic setting if there is a power failure. A battery backup can also support some gates.

How often should the gate be serviced?

Any machine if well maintained, can work perfectly for years. The automated gates also, if serviced regularly would help them function effectively. For longevity of gates, servicing once or twice a year is mandatory.

What is the range of the remote control for the gate?

30 to 50 meters is an average range within which the remote control would work effectively. This range, of course, is dependent on conditions like weather, atmosphere, battery charging, etc. However, it is advisable to open the door when it is visible to avoid any risk.

How do I allow my visitors to come in and leave the premises?

The gates can either be operated by remote control, push-button or an intercom. For enhanced security measures a CCTV camera can also be installed at the entrance.

Does lubricating a garage door increase its lifespan?

If your door is ticking, making a screeching sound or has become too heavy to lift, it’s a sign that you need to lubricate your doors. Lubricating the right part will help the door move smoothly and quickly. Wear and tear in the doors can also be reduced by regularly lubricating it with suitable oil. Oiling hinges, springs, rollers, tracks, plates, or any other part that supports the movement of the door will reduce abrasion.

How often should the doors be lubricated?

Lubricant is the lifeline of a machine. If you want your garage doors to go a long haul and work perfectly without making noise, they would need lubrication on a regular basis.

All the moveable parts of the door like rollers, hinges, and springs would need garage lubricant every quarter. However, the track can be lubricated only once a year.

Over greasing the parts can also cause the door to malfunction.

How should automatic doors be lubricated? Can those be lubricated with any available lubricant?

Just as every human body needs specific medicine for treating the diseases, similarly, garage doors need a special lubricant that is right for its parts. Lubricating parts of doors with a think grease will put excess grease at points where grease is not required, and the parts that need greasing might be left unreached. A thin garage door spray that can reach hidden parts of the door will be preferred as it would lubricate the section just in the right proportion.

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