Faulty Garage Door Panels – Replace or Repair?

Accidents happen, and you can in no way make 100% sure that it does not occur. Even repeated repairs can’t give you complete surety; all you must do is have to find a way to solve the problem. What to do if your garage door panels are damaged or completely broken? Get them replaced or repaired?

Taking a decision on whether to replace or get a repair of the garage door panel depends on certain factors, however, the best way to know for sure is to examine how bad the damage is. If only a few panels have suffered destruction, it is cost-effective to go for a replacement rather than changing all the panels. Here are a few more things to consider when deciding between the 2 options.

Replace or Repair Garage Door Panels?

You have 2 options to choose from when the garage door panel breaks up:

  • Repair
  • Replace

Let’s face it, garage doors are an investment and require a certain amount of maintenance. It would help if you meticulously decided what to do based on the following factors:

Is the Door Too Old?

It is one of the basic things you must ponder. Let’s consider, if your garage door is around 20 years old or more, it has already given its best performance and by now the best option amongst the two is replacement of the entire garage door.

At this stage of its life, repairs become frequent ass various parts of the door wear out. While, if the door is new or more so like 10 -12 years or even less, then repairing the garage door panel is the best bet.

However, finding the perfect match according to your garage door panels is a tricky task. What you can do is, paint the new one according
to the old panels or repaint the whole door. Talk to a professional to know the best option.

Damage Extent

You must see how much damage the door has suffered from. If it is a relatively small level of damage because of a slight impact, some filler and paint might be it. However, in case a car backed into the garage door or a big storm severed the door, you must go for replacement.

Is replacing Only One Panel of The Garage Door Possible?

Why not? You can exchange one non-functional panel with a working one. However, you must make sure that others are in mint condition and 100% functional.

How To Match Your Garage Door Panels?

You must inform your repairing company, the garage door manufacturer, so that they get in touch with them for the best match. Secondly, repainting is also an option if it is slightly different from fixed ones.

Replace Your Garage Door

Replacing or repairing the garage door yourself is not the right choice. Leave the work to professionals; they know the tips and are highly trained in this regard. Call one of our experts from Cypress Garage and Gates at 832 349 2189

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