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Automatic garage doors make life much easier. Now, you don’t have to pull down big levers as the entire door operation is at your fingertips. As easy and straightforward it may, the automated process requires ingenuity, complex circuitry, and above all, a diverse set of sensors. Garage door sensors ensure safety and regulation while you are not there to keep an eye out for danger. Hence, what are these sensors, and how do they help? Therefore, in this article, let’s explore these questions.

How Many Sensors Are At Work?

The actual diversity of sensors your garage door incorporates depends on the model and manufacturer. Nonetheless, every garage has these basic sensors with them.

Safety Sensor:

Garage doors are pretty sturdy and heavy, and they can easily crush anything unfortunate enough to be in their path. Consequently, safety sensors play a vital role in eliminating the possibilities of such dreadful events. Safety sensors are mounted on the rails and use infrared beams to form a grid near the garage door. Hence, when someone or something crosses the grid and cuts the beam, sensors transmit signals to the controller. Upon receiving the signal, the garage door acts accordingly:

  • If the door is closed, it won’t open.
  • If the door is open, it won’t close.
  • The door amid action will reverse its direction.

Therefore, these override functions ensure your safety and safety of your property \

Pressure Sensor:

The first line of defense (safety sensor) is quite solid, but it’s still better to double the safety by using a pressure sensor. The override operations are pretty similar to the ones discussed above. However, pressure sensors employ a different detection technique compared to safety sensors.

Pressure sensors can detect slight changes in pressure. As a result, the controller promptly overrides the operation when the door comes in contact with anything.

CO2 Sensor:

Do you know which gas makes up the majority of the exhaust? Yes, it’s CO2. Moreover, CO2 in high amounts is deadly. Hence, to prevent the accumulation of CO2 in the garage, garage doors make use of CO2 sensors. These sensors keep an eye out for CO2 levels in the garage. Consequently, when the gas level exceeds a certain threshold, the controller automatically opens the garage door.

Monitoring Sensors:

If you have multiple garages, this sensor helps you keep a tab on what’s going on with them. This sensor connects with your mobile through an app or any other method and notifies you when a garage door operates. Hence, these sensors add additional layers of security that are much needed when you own multiple garages.


Sensors like those discussed make garage doors a whole lot safer and reliable. Moreover, these sensors add a tint of smartness to your garages, so now you can sit back and relax while garage doors take care of themselves. However, even if a single sensor malfunction, the result will not be pleasant. Hence, regular maintenance is a must, along with immediate repairs. Cypress Garage Door & Gates aims to provide top-notch services. In addition, you can call us at 832-677-3502.

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