Garage Door Lubrication

People often wonder how often to lubricate a garage door as a poorly maintained garage door would make squeaky disturbing noise. When the door creates a loud sound, it is a sign that the door needs greasing. If not maintained on time it might harm the garage door, and you might need to reinvest. Therefore, it is eminent that garage door lubrication is done regularly and that too with a good lubricant.

Benefits of Garage Door Lubrication

When you open or close the garage door, you might have noticed it making noise. The rust gathered inside the garage door parts makes the door noisy. However, lubrication would help reduce or manage this unwanted noise.

Garage door lubrication is a tricky process as one needs to be aware of how much greasing is required. If you do not lubricate the garage door in the right proportion, it will not give a productive result. Excessive greasing would reduce the noise, but extra grease would also attract dust and debris which affect negatively. When one lubricates the parts of a garage door accurately, they do not collide with each other and therefore do not create any noise. Most garage doors need lubrication either semi-annually or annually. Proper lubrication makes the running of the garage door smooth and increases its life span.

You should keep in mind that all parts of a garage door do not need greasing. Components made of steel and iron would need lubrication as they become rusty. Furthermore, all moving parts, hinges, springs, rollers also need lubrication. However, rollers of the door do not need a lot of lubrication.

Choosing the right lubricant

Along with being mindful of the parts that need lubrication, one should also know which lubricant is suitable for garage doors. Dabbing grease on door parts might not work effectively as it might not reach areas that need lubrication. In comparison to dabbing grease on the door parts, a spray works better. A spray is easy to apply and reach the inner parts as well. Furthermore, the spray is easy to pinpoint the exact parts that need lubrication.

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