Garage Door Repair In Cypress, Tx

Cypress Garage and Gates has more than three decades of experience in providing expert garage door repair in Houston. We will ready to fix any sort of problem you might be experiencing quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your life.

If your garage door is broken, that can present a health hazard for you and your family. It also increases the chances of theft. Take those considerations out of the equation by getting in touch with us for the high-quality garage door repair you need.

Garage Door Repair Cypress

Signs You Need Your Garage Door Fixed

There are a lot of ways you can tell that you will need garage door repair. It will be important to get this taken care of as soon as possible so that you can keep your family and your possessions safe. Here are just a few signs that it’s time to call a professional.

You Notice Vibrations or Hear Strange Sounds

If your garage door tends to vibrate more than it should, that could mean a hinge has become loose. It could also mean the rollers are becoming separated from the tracks, or some screws have loosened.

In a lot of cases, a garage door might start making some strange noises. The railings or hinges could be rusty, or the cables aren’t properly aligned. There could also be something wrong with the opening mechanism.

You’re Ready to Sell Your Home

Potential homebuyers look at everything before they decide to pull the trigger on a purchase. You might not think a garage door will make a whole lot of difference when selling your home, but it will. Why take a chance on scaring someone off because your garage door looks old and worn out? Not only will a good-looking door enhance your home’s curb appeal, it will also reassure people interested in buying it.

The Door is Outdated

Today’s garage doors have incredible safety features, including manual controls, motion detection, auto-reverse capabilities and more. Adding these features will make you and everyone else in your home safer.

Worn or Broken Components

If you see broken or missing weatherstripping, cracked rollers or any other type signs of wear, it’s time to have them repaired. Look for any loose or missing bolts, wires or screws. An expert can not only fix those problems, but also determine why these issues occurred in the first place and make sure they don’t happen again.


A sagging door is one of the most obvious signs a repair is needed. This can lead to big problems. For example, it can provide an opening for pests to get into your garage and also make it easier for rainwater to potentially damage your possessions. If not addressed, this problem will ultimately make it harder for the door to open and close. Don’t take a chance on being late for work because you couldn’t get your car out of the garage.

Contact Cypress Garage Door and Gates

If you notice any of the signs of a problem with your garage door, get in touch with Cypress Garage Door and Gates. We’ll quickly diagnose the issue and provide you with whatever type of repair you need. Contact us online or call (832) 349-2189 to schedule a service appointment.

Customer Testimonials

Great service. Arrived the next day and on time. My issue was a very minor gate adjustment and he didn’t charge me, very honest company. He even reset my garage door codes for safety since I just moved in. Will use Cypress Garage and Gates again.

Robin M. 2/7/2019

Replaced and installed new LiftMaster quickly, professionally and efficiently!

MariaG. 6/27/2018

Knows what is needed to do the job quickly and very Trustworthy got my liftmaster Igate working and did some welding on my iron fence Thank you

Isabel S. 12/12/2017

Eli has provided some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced from a business. The first time I needed him was on a Sunday and he came right out within an hour of calling. He was able to instill a new garage opener and key pad in just 30 minutes. I needed him again on a weekend when I messed up the spring on the door after closing the release string in the door of my Jeep and backing out into the released door. (Yep total blonde moment.) He again, came immediately out and fixed it promptly. I’d highly recommend him!

Melinda L. 2/15/2017

Eli was wonderful!!! Very fast service time and so professional!! Highly recommend!!! Lisa

Lisa R. 10/26/2016

Eli and Leo were great with repairing and upgrading my garage door opening mechanism. Made and kept the appointment, two trips to get just the right materials, professional installation at a fair price, and now opening the heavy manual door is a breeze – thanks, Cypress Garage and Gates!

L W. 9/2/2016

Came out after hours and have great advice on next steps for my broken garage door!

Amy O. 4/25/2016

Eli, who came to fix my garage door was prompt, polite & knowledgeable. He completed the work very quickly & efficiently. I’m happy with He’s work & am confident that I will not have any problems. He provide quality products & service

Jeremy K. 9/9/2015

I think they are self-conscious about reviews; they place a high value on good customer service. Here is a business that shows good customer service isn’t that difficult. The tech was on time, and called beforehand to say they were on their way. He could help me only so much with my garage door problem, but was honest and straight forward about what he could and could not do. And told me the price up front. I recommend them.

gal g. 9/2/2015

Same day appointment, flexible on the appointment slot and turned up on time. Friendly, Super efficient, and well priced. I have my garage door back and could not have asked it to have gone any smoother. top marks !

Yuliya M. 8/21/2015

today I woke up to a broken spring called a few other companys but only Cypress Garage and Gates could send a tech right away joey arrived in 30 min and saved my day no additional fee for emergency call and price was lower then all the other companys that I called thank you Cypress Garage and Gates for coming so fast and saving my day

Jessica M. 8/13/2015

called this morning to set a appointment for a broken spring Cypress Garage and Gates was fast professional and great prices I recommend Cypress Garage and Gates and will use again

Eli S. 8/13/2015

great service

Eli was very helpful in getting the garage door to work! He was super thorough and made sure that everything was working well in addition to suggesting new rollers that made the garage sound much quieter. Service was also on the same day and very quick. Highly recommended!

alex w. 7/9/2015

Samantha huse

Eli came when he was supposed to and got the job done quickly with a professional attitude. His pricing was the best out of several other companies. I would highly recommend and use again

Samantha h 6/6/2015


My husband and I woke up this morning trapped because our cars were in the garage but the garage door wouldn’t open. We managed to open it so we could drive to work.  I called Eli early in the morning (around 5:30am) to fix the door. He answered and fit me in his schedule to fix it today. He arrived within a few hours and fixed the door very quickly and professionally. He was honest about pricing and explained the problem clearly. I would highly recommend Eli’s Cypress Garage and Gates to anyone. He was fast, honest, and got the job done. For anyone needing repairs quickly and effectively, call Eli.

Ashley M 6/6/2015

highly recommend

My garage door was broken earlier today. I called, got a pro coming the same day. On top of being extremely knowledgeable, Eli was extremely kind and gave me what I consider being a very reasonable quote. 30 min later, he was done. In and Out. Absolutely perfect. I highly recommend Cypress Garage and Gates and Eli in particular!

yonelly g. 6/5/2015

proffesional and friendly

Realized this morning that my opener spring had broken and decided to call immediately to see if I could get it replaced today.  These guys were very helpful on the phone and provided an appointment time along with an accurate estimate for the work to be done.  Eli showed up right when he said he would and was fantastic to work with.  Job was done in about an hour and I paid the amount quoted. Don’t call anyone else to work on your garage door – these guys are the bomb

yuliya s. 6/5/2015

high quality service

This guys are great, i called them around 8 in the morning, they had other repairs in the morning, but were still able to schedule me for 12… They called me around 11 saying they could come in earlier (even better). So long story short, i decided to replace the motor my self thinking that i could use the old mount, apparently it wad different, so i had to put the mount on and i had put the chain backwards lol… The guy came in and it took him around 1 hour to repair my mistake, and re-in force the door since they were really old… But then we decided to just replace the doors which they are doing tomorrow. Will update after doors replacements

georgem. 6/5/2015

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