Garage Door Window Inserts – Which One To Choose?

Your garage door is no less than a hefty investment, and it is one of the things you would not want to go wrong; from style to material, everything matters. If you plan on getting window inserts for your garage door, this blog is a perfect piece to read for you.

The Advantages of Garage Door Windows

Here are some benefits of having windows in garage doors:

Natural Light

The most crucial factor of adding window as inserts in the garage door is natural Light – adding value to every kind of living space. Windows in the garage door just let in enough natural light to make that space edgy.

Curb Appeal

The point of investing in it is not for nothing. The whole point is to increase the worth of your asset. Adding window inserts in the garage door adds up to the curb appeal and makes it edgy and out of the ordinary.

Easily Replaceable

It is possible to change or replace garage door windows with ease.

Ease of customization

When selecting a garage door, there are many windows to opt from. You can easily customize according to your home and wishes.

Types and Features of Garage Door Windows

Shape and Style

The shape and style should sync with the overall theme going on in the house. There are multiple shapes, such as a cathedral or plain short squares, etc. For example, a home of craftsman style cannot cater to a cathedral window.

Arches: Arch styles are wide, from a single on every window to a design that takes up the entire garage door. They help soften the look of your garage door.

Panes: You can consider a pane design if it is possible to enhance by some added texture.

Materials Used

A few of the common choices of windows material for a garage door includes:

Glass: These types of garage door windows are pretty basic. Insulation and texture is possible in this.

Acrylic: Durable, affordable, textured window for a better look.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate has increased impact resistance than glass. It’s more expensive and durable than acrylic.


People are not likely in favor of plain see-through glass windows for their garage doors. Neither shades nor blinds are an option for privacy; therefore, they choose to texture or tint them.

Here are some basic privacy options for garage door windows:

  • Tint
  • Frost


Garage door windows are usually non-insulated. This leaves your garage prone to seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. However, this issue is rectifiable by using thermal windows. They are easy to install at all times and are most often offered as an upgrade by many manufacturers.

Faux windows

If looks are your priority, then there is an option of using faux windows available. They are clip-on that can easily be stuck on the door.


The total cost of a garage door window inserts depends on the style, additions, and of course, material you go for. Drop by at Cypress Garage Door and Gates for a better opinion on it.

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