Here Is How To Open Garage Door With Broken Spring

You could end up stranded on the other side of the garage door if the spring on your garage door breaks. But hold onto optimism since there’s still a chance you can open or, should I say, lift the door. Because the garage door springs lose their lifting capacity when they break, they
must be manually raised. You may know how challenging it is to open the garage door with a damaged spring because the springs support the entire door weight.

What happens when garage door springs break?

It is risky to open a garage door with a broken spring. Garage doors weigh a lot. In an Automatic Garage Door Opener, a spring system balances the door’s weight. While the door opener operates to open and close the door, the springs give the cables and trolley additional stability.
The door opener isn’t supposed to carry the weight of the door; the springs do so. Thus, operating the gate is unsafe when the springs are damaged or broken.

Now the question arises can the door still be opened? The answer is YES, although it is not recommended. As it may cause severe physical as well as proprietary damage

How To Open a Garage Door with Broken Spring?

The Garage Door System has two types of spring systems: Torsion and Extension Springs. Let’s discuss them.

Torsion Spring: One or more springs in torsion spring garage door systems travel down a metal shaft known as a torsion tube. These springs are close to the header, above the garage door opening.

Extension Spring: Extension spring garage door systems include springs attached to cables fastened to the garage door’s bottom corners. The door’s horizontal track is lined with one spring per track extension springs. Both springs must be in working condition for proper function.

Open the door with extreme caution. The red cord (an emergency release cord) must be pulled first to detach the opener from the garage door. Be careful now. From the bottom in the middle of the door, raise the garage door straight up. If the door is too heavy, put crossbars or
some rod under the door. Remember that since you no longer have springs to support the door, you need to secure it with something or ask someone to install clamps. Once the door is up, use a ladder or some other support to keep the door open. Once you have gotten yourself or the car out, shut the door immediately.


Again, opening the garage door with a broken spring is not advised because it is unsafe and could result in significant health problems. However, use extra caution and always have a partner by your side if you must open the door. Therefore, we advise you to track the springs’ health through regular maintenance. Nevertheless, if a faulty spring succumbs, dial (832) 349-2189 to summon the experts of Cypress Garage Door and Gates. You can buy new springs from us, and our experts will install them for you because most springs are damaged during installation.

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