How Can You Remove Rust From Your Garage Doors

Our steel garage door is a faithful ally. However, it too can falter under the rust. After all, over time, rust can get better of your metallic garage door. This can lead to deterioration of the gates and even result in expensive repair or replacements. However, you can avoid all that hassle and cost if you catch rust early in action. Detecting early signs of rust will help you remove it with much ease without calling in the experts. Now, the real question is, how can you remove the rust after keeping an eye out for rust, especially at the bottom of the doors? This article shall discuss how you can remove rust from your garage doors.

What Will You Need?

Now for this task, you will need to gear up. Thus, to remove surface rust in a breeze, you will need the following:
Cleaning Strength Vinegar: This will react and dissolve the rust; you need to fill a spray bottle full of vinegar.
Gentle Liquid Soap: You can’t clean a garage door without soap, can you?
Water Supply: You will need a water hose or a bucket.
Work Gloves: You don’t want any skin allergies or reactions.
Steel Wool: To rub the rust out of existence.
Rust Resistant Paint: To avoid future problems.

How Can You Remove Rust From Your Garage Door?

1) Cleaning Your Garage Door:
Before you come to the core of the task, you need to wash off any surface grime. The surface grime may interfere with the rust removal process, so it’s best to get rid of it. You need to soak a sponge in liquid soap and clean the door from top to bottom. After rinsing it, wash the door clean using water. However, it would help to let the door dry before moving on to the next method.

2) Application of vinegar:
After cleaning the garage door, you will spot rusty spots quite easily. Now, spray and cover these spots with vinegar and let the vinegar sit for a while. The vinegar will eat away the rust, so you can scrub the rust using a ball of steel wool. However, you need to make sure that you scrub away all the rust because the remaining rust can lead to further oxidation spoiling your hard work.

3) The Final Touch-Ups:
While cleaning your garage door of rust, you will inevitably also scrape off some paint. Furthermore, you will notice small holes created by the rust that you would need to fill out as well. Hence, you can use auto-body filler to fill the hole and even out the surface. After which, you need to apply rust-resistant paint to the spots where paint is scraped off.


You can follow the discussed steps to remove rust. However, rust sometimes gets out of hand, and you can’t make the repairs by yourself. You need to call in experts from Cypress Garage Doors And Gates in such scenarios. Our expert team is always willing to help out, so call us at 832-677-3502 to book a visit.

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