How Do 4G Telephone Entry Systems Work?

Have you ever wished you could answer your door from anywhere, or perhaps you’d like a system that provides crystal-clear videos of visitors before granting them access? These are not just wishes but practical benefits offered by modern 4G telephone entry systems.

Keep reading this blog to learn about the power, importance, and functionality of this 4G telephone entry system.

The Power of 4G Technology

At the heart of these systems is 4G (4th Generation) wireless technology, which is kind of like super-fast internet for your phone. It’s way quicker and more reliable than older systems. So, even if you have a weak signal, you can still see your visitor clearly on a video call–and that’s the power of 4G.

What is the Significance of 4G Telephone Entry Systems?

Your property’s security and convenience depend on a reliable entry system. While traditional buzzer systems might be enough for basic access control, they lack the advanced features and remote access capabilities that today’s technology offers.

4G telephone entry systems address this need, providing a good solution for residences, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings alike.

What are the Key Components of a 4G Telephone Entry System?

A 4G telephone entry system consists of 3 key components:

  1. Entry Panel
    This panel, mounted by the entrance, allows visitors to initiate communication by pressing a button. It often features a camera for capturing video and a microphone for two-way conversation.
  2. Control Panel
    The control panel is located inside the property. This serves as the central hub for managing access control. Residents or property managers can use it to grant or cancel access, view call logs, and adjust system settings.
  3. Connected Devices
    This system can work with various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and security monitors. This allows for remote access and real-time monitoring of the entryway.

How the 4G Entry System Works?

This is how the 4G entry system works:

  1. A visitor presses the button on the entry panel.
  2. The system gives a call (either audio or video, depending on the system’s capabilities) to the connected devices, such as your smartphone.
  3. Through the app or interface, you can see and speak with the visitor, deciding whether to grant them remote access.
  4. Access can be granted by sending a signal to unlock the door or gate.

Installation and Integration

Installation of a 4G telephone entry system is not a very complicated procedure and can be completed by a qualified professional. Most systems are compatible with existing electrical wiring and can seamlessly work with other smart home technologies.


4G telephone entry systems are a big step forward in access control. They offer strong security, great convenience, and scalability, making them perfect for both homes and businesses.

If you want to improve your entryway’s security and convenience, consider upgrading to a 4G telephone entry system. Cypress Garage and Gates provides top-notch installation and products. Call us at (832) 349-2189 or visit our website to see our products.

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