How Do I Choose Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage style garage doors are perfectly suitable for your mid-century style house. It will increase the curb appeal and the overall value of your asset. Many garage door providers have a variety of materials, colors, and designs to grab attention.

Let this guide be of help in choosing the best style door for your needs.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors are a reflection of a traditional barn style or stable door, which gives a mid-century modern visual appeal. While such carriage house garage doors pair best with rustic homes, that does not mean contemporary houses can’t get them.

This carriage style garage door of your house, with its versatile design, provides insulation as well.

Originally, carriage garage doors are made of wood; however, there are other low-maintenance options to choose from as well. This includes materials like steel and wood composite. The best part about its versatility is that you can make it look like an old school carriage door by pairing it with an elegant window and decorative hardware.

What Is The Cost of A Carriage Garage Door?

If you want to get a complete remodeling of the exterior portion of your house, one thing you must ponder on is the budget and how the garage door cost fits into it. Garage doors, be it carriage style or any other, are a huge investment as they are an asset that provides protection.

There are multiple lingering factors, such as the price of installation and design of your carriage house, that affect the cost. However, you can get custom made entryways to fit in your budget.

These facts can help you easily determine what the cost of your carriage garage door would be.

Material Used

Amongst all, steel is thought to be an affordable material. Next up is wood composite as well as natural wood. If you go for natural, know that you will need high maintenance, such as painting and resealing the wooden panels after every years to increase moisture resisting ability.


Using an energy saving carriage style garage door will lessen your per month cost and provide a comfortable temperature for your house.


Your locality greatly affects the overall cost of your installation due to the material availability and the charges a local contractor is going to take. If you end up going for a heavier door, they are expensive to install because the whole process might require a dedicated team to help carry the door.

How Do Carriage Garage Doors Open?

The OG style has delicately carved wooden panels along with wrought-iron hardware. Moreover, you can see metal hinges on the ends of the entryway. This gives it the ability to easily swing out and make space.

One thing you should know is that modern carriage garage doors still are the same prototype but with an elaborated updated operating system to fetch auto vehicles.


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