How Often Do Automated Gates Have To Be Serviced?

If you own an automated gate, you must know how convenient it is. It also promises the security of your premises. However, like every other tech, they are also prone to malfunctioning and disrupting your routine flow. For example, not opening up on time and locking you inside the house when you must reach the office. These automated gates have to be serviced now and then to comply with the security laws and minimize your inconvenience.

How Long Do Automatic Gates Last?

A high-quality automatic gate should stay durable for 15 to 20 years with proper care and regular maintenance. You can shorten this life expectancy if you ignore routine wear and tear.

Importance of Automated Gates Repair

Regular servicing and maintenance increase the longevity of machines. Following are some other reasons for this maintenance.

  • Safety:
    Getting your safety compromised is never an option. While performing a service check, examining the obstacle detection systems and safety equipment is a priority. Electrical components are also thoroughly inspected to make certain that all hazards are detected and repaired for your safety.
  • Prevention from Expensive Repairs:
    Putting off petty repair issues for later can elongate the problem. Giving rise to major problems that require a heavy sum of money to deal with. Timely assessments and repairs keep your automated gates up to date and durable for a long time.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Automated Gates
    Motor functionality is the focal point of servicing. However, gate maintenance itself cannot be ignored. Grease the hinges of your gates regularly to keep them from jamming or rusting.
  • Service Intervals for Automated Gates
    Automated gates are devices that fall under the category of machines. They require an expert installation by professionals like Cypress Garage and Gates, as seamless installation at the start will cause fewer problems in the future. You must perform a service check every 6 months for residential use, but this depends on the usage after every 3000 work cycles. A correctly installed and maintained automated gate provides years of worry-free usage.
    Service intervals of automated gates highly depend on their usage. Commercial automated gates or apartment block gates are always busy with people going in and out all day. Such gates require servicing at least thrice a year.
    As a rule of thumb, automated gates utilized thrice daily require servicing every 12 months. In comparison, the heavy usage can be serviced once every quarter of a year (4 months). Gates that are hardly ever used also require twice-a-year servicing to check if every component is properly functioning. Proper servicing of automated gates saves a hefty sum of money which would otherwise be spent on costly repairs.

Ending Note

We used to watch the wonderful automated gates opening and closing in the movies. But now they are being installed on many properties. They not only tighten your security but also give an elite touch to your property, increasing its value.
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