How To Build A Garage Door To Be More Energy Efficient?

Do you want to save money? Well, who doesn’t want to? Here is the right question: have you built a garage that can help cut down on the utility bill? While many homeowners painstakingly construct their homes to be energy efficient, they forget entirely about their garage door. Hence, how could a garage door help increase your garage’s energy efficiency?

Choosing The Right Material:

If your garage door’s material is not suited for the region’s climate, you are bound to face trouble. For example, wood is an excellent insulator, so you can opt for it in a hot or cold climate. However, humidity can be brutal on a wooden door. Hence, it would help if you weigh the perks and cons of your garage door material and then choose a material for your garage door that would not only be strong but energy efficient as well.

Go For A Garage Door Sealing:

Your garage door acts as a buffer between the outside weather and the controlled atmosphere of your home. Hence, the ability of your garage door to keep both air separate adds to your home’s energy efficiency. Therefore, many homeowners choose to buy a door’s bottom sealant.

A sealant is a rubber strip that can snug in the space at the door’s bottom. Therefore, a properly installed sealant can effectively cut down the diffusion between the inside and outside air. Consequently, this will reduce the burden on the HVAC system drastically.

Buying An Insulated Garage Door:

Insulated doors have an extra layer of protection that helps maintain a cozy garage interior even if the outside is exceptionally hot or cold. Moreover, it makes your garage more energy-efficient and helps you save some bucks on utility bills. This is because your HVAC wouldn’t have to work overtime to maintain the desired temperature of your garage and home.

Installing Windows:

If you primarily work in the garage throughout the day, why not use sunlight to illuminate your day activities? Hence, many homeowners install windows on their garage doors, mainly if they use their garage during the daytime. Moreover, you can choose to install them at a significant height to keep prying eyes away.

Similar to garage doors, you can opt for insulated or glazed windows that are more energy-efficient. These windows not only improve the garage’s thermal performance but also prevents moisture from seeping in. Thus, in a nutshell, installing windows aids in lowering your electricity bills by enabling natural illumination and improving the garage’s thermal performance.

While we are discussing garage lightning, it’s more profitable if you choose LED lights instead of traditional ones. This is because LEDs provide similar lighting while being more energy-efficient. Therefore, the combination of windows and LEDs will inevitably reduce your electricity bills.

Proper Maintenance Of Garage Doors:

While we talk about how windows, insulation, and seals can help you on your quest for cutting down electricity bills, let’s not undermine the importance of a well-maintained garage door. A rusty garage door with wear and tear acts as a hotspot for heat diffusion to the outside air. Hence, such a garage door can cause your HVAC unit to work overtime. Consequently, to protect your garage doors from wear and tear, call Cypress Garage Doors And Gates on 832-677-3502.

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