How To Inspect Your Garage Door Via Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Your garage door is the unsung hero of your home, faithfully opening and closing day in and day out. But like any hero, it needs maintenance to keep it in top shape. You can check for creaks or groans to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Remember to give it a little tender loving care when needed. It’s not about turning into a DIY guru overnight; it’s just about giving your garage door the attention it deserves to keep it doing its job flawlessly. Following is a garage door maintenance checklist you can use:

  1. Examine the Operating System
    Your garage door works hard, opening and closing many times every day. All that action wears it out over time. Before the weather changes, it’s smart to give it a check-up to ensure it’s still working smoothly. Here are some easy tips for your garage door care routine:

    • Check Your Garage Door: Look at it every six months to see if it’s fading, cracking, or has any dents. These things can make your home look less nice and let in moisture that causes mold.
    • Test Opening and Closing It: Use the remote or keypad to see if it works well. Listen for any loud sounds that might mean something’s wrong. If it’s slow or doesn’t open, you might need a professional to fix it.
    • Ensure It’s Balanced: If the door isn’t balanced, it can cause problems for the opener. Try lifting it halfway manually. If it doesn’t stay, you should get it checked by a pro.
    • Check the Seals: The seals around your garage door keep drafts out and stop moisture from getting in. Look for tears and gaps, and call a professional to replace them.
  2. Clean and Paint the Door and Its Parts
    To make your home look nicer from the outside, you can clean up the dirt and stains on your garage door. Getting rid of the grime on the inside parts helps your door work better and stay in good shape for longer. Following are the routine garage door inspections you need:

    • Clean the Tracks: Get rid of any dirt or rust in the tracks so your door doesn’t get stuck. If they are messed up, get a pro to fix or replace them.
    • Wash the Windows: Keep your garage door windows shiny by cleaning them with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
    • Wash the Whole Door: Use mild soap and water to clean the panels, weatherstripping, and doorstop. Rinse it off with a hose to protect the finish.
    • Check for Mold: If your door is wooden and it’s humid where you live, look out for mold. If you spot any, replace the affected parts before it spreads.
    • Lubricate the Parts: Keep things moving smoothly by adding lubricant to metal parts like hinges, rollers, and springs every six months.
    • Tighten Loose Parts: Nuts and bolts can get loose over time. Check and tighten them up to keep everything secure.
    • Touch up the Paint: If your door has any marks or scratches, give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look new again. You can even change the color if you want.
    • Organize Your Garage: Use good weather to clean your garage. Get rid of clutter and rearrange shelves for more space for your car.
  3. Call the Garage Door Professionals
    If you see any signs that your garage door needs attention, scheduling an appointment with a garage door professional is a good idea. They can help keep your system in top shape. The following is what they can do:

    • Inspect and Maintain: A technician can check all the parts of your garage door system and ensure everything works well. They’ll catch any problems early on before they turn into bigger issues.
    • Repair Damaged Parts: If they find any worn-out or damaged parts, they can fix or replace them. This keeps your garage door running smoothly and safely.
    • Tune-Up: Just like a car, your garage door needs a tune-up now and then. A professional can adjust and lubricate all the moving parts to keep them working smoothly.
    • Safety Check: Garage doors can be heavy and dangerous if not working properly. A technician can ensure all the safety features are working as they should to keep you and your family safe.

Final Word

Garage door maintenance is crucial for its durability. However, it can be confusing for the property owners. Therefore, we have prepared a complete garage door maintenance checklist above to guide you about the well-being of your garage door.
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