How To Protect Your Garage Door From Damage Caused By Rust.

A garage door adds finesse to your house. Thus, you wouldn’t want rust to attack the garage door. Apart from being unsightly, rust can impair the function of your door. Moreover, rust can seriously weaken the steel structure of your garage door.

Undoubtedly, throughout the US, rust damages infrastructures worth millions of dollars and eats away even more in maintenance. Therefore, rust will mercilessly eat away your investment if you choose to neglect it. However, with these few tips, you can keep your garage door rust-free for a long time.

When To Expect Rust:

Certain conditions can accelerate the formation of rust, for example:

Humidity: Water is required for rust to form. Hence, more water means more trouble. Increased humidity can expedite the formation of rust. Consequently, rust becomes a critical problem for individuals living in a humid area or near the shore.

Salt: Salt also attacks steel structures and can speed up rust formation. Similarly, this is an issue for those residing near coastal areas. Furthermore, garage door facing streets are also vulnerable, especially if streets are sprayed with de-icing salt (salt used to slow down ice formation during winters).

The factors discussed can speed up rusting to the extent that many complain about rust on their newly installed garage doors. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious if the discussed factors describe your residency.

How Can You Stop Rust:

Paint: In the US, paints have zinc in them that protects the steel from rust. Hence, as long as your paint layer is intact, rust won’t bother you. However, a small scratch and the rust will find its way. Therefore, you should repaint the doors whenever you notice scratched-off paint patches or dents.

Lubricating Joints: Joints are equally important as the door body. As the hinges face most of the action, they are more susceptible to wear and tear and eventually rust. Lubricating them using oil is one way to protect the hinges. Oil film serves a dual purpose:

  • It physically separates the metal from moisture preventing rust.
  • It makes movement a lot easier by reducing friction. Thus, the oil protects joints from abrasion.

Wax: A layer of wax covering the whole body serves a similar function as oil to protect the door from rust. Furthermore, wax makes cleaning much more manageable as you can clean dirt and grime with only one wipe.

Cleaning Frequently: Over seasons, dirt, grime, and salt can accumulate on your garage door. They can meddle with paintwork, causing it to flake off. Therefore, consider washing the garage door at least twice per year. For your cleaning routine, soap and water will do the trick. You can even treat small rust specks with an acidic solution obtained from vinegar. A warm vinegar solution cuts through the rust effortlessly, so it flakes off. You can then clean it out with soap and water.


If rust becomes a critical problem for you, considering upgrading your garage door material. There are several rust-free varieties present, like wood, stainless steel, or aluminum. For more insights on how you can protect your garage door, call Cypress Garage Door & Gates at 832-677-3502.

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