How to Set Posts for Driveway Gate Installation?

Driveway gates add beauty in the look of the house, along with providing security. There could be a swinging or even a sliding driveway gate barrier that you can choose to install. However, driveway gate installation can take an extra toil on a person who has no idea on how to manage the task. To make the driveway gate installation easy one must take care of the following:

Flatten the Ground

It is necessary to flatten the ground surface and level it so that there is no problem when it is time to open or close the gate. Uneven gates can cause a hindrance in opening the gate. The issue is not of the sliding driveway gate not opening but of the ground not being flat.

Dig Post Holes

Before you dig a hole, ask the local authorities if there are any underground lines where you will have to dig to set the post. The post hole must be deep so that the post settles well in the ground, and there are no problems after the driveway gate installation.

Mount the Posts

Once everything else is done, mount the post in the hole, making sure that it is straight. The post should also be well apart. One must spend ample time in this process because it is the most crucial step of the entire installation. Along with the posts, one must also fit the metal gate hinges. Furthermore, to be at ease you can also control your driveway gates with a remote.

The installation process may seem easy by reading the DIY installation details. But for long-lasting results, it is highly recommended to take the services of a professional like Cypress Garage & Gates so that you may enjoy a correctly installed driveway gate. You can also call us on 832-677-3502 to get your desired information.

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