If Your Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light is Faulty, these 4 Reasons Could Be Why

Is your garage door sensor’s yellow light malfunctioning? What seems like a complicated problem might actually require a simple solution. Most of the time, the problem doesn’t indicate a major issue. Still, it is better to know the reasons why your garage door sensor is yellow.

What Does the Yellow Sensor in the Garage Door Do?

The garage door sensors are present on either side of the door, just a few inches off the ground. Using a photo-eye system, they shoot an infrared beam from one end of the entrance to the other. Hence, they’ll receive a signal if you press the remote control to shut the garage door. Not only do they help with the smooth operation of their garage door, but sensors also ensure safety – they won’t close on someone or something. Simply put, the garage door will remain shut if its sensors remain uninterrupted.

While we’re talking about the garage door sensors, let us add that one is usually green and the other yellow. The yellow color indicates that the path of the sensor’s infrared beam is unblocked.

You could experience many garage door opener problems. Among these, a garage door not closing even with the yellow light is an issue many people have. Other times, the door might attempt to close, only to reopen quickly. Nevertheless, a good garage door company can fix the issue by identifying the problem.

Why Is Your Garage Door Sensor Yellow?

Multiple factors can cause your garage door sensor light to be yellow and malfunction. The reasons include the following:

1. The Lens is Dirty

Since your garage door sensor is close to the ground, it can become dirty due to grime, cobwebs, dirt, dust, and more. You can try cleaning the sensor with a damp paper towel or a mild cleaner, ensuring the lens doesn’t get too wet. Furthermore, you can clean the other sensor too.

2. The Sensors Are Misaligned

Many times, a yellow garage door sensor means that the sensors are not aligned. They need to point at each other, staying on the same level and angle to function optimally. You can loosen the bracket containing the sensor and tighten it after it is in the proper position. Or, you can just contact a professional service to fix the issue if you don’t know how to align garage door sensors.

3. The Sensor Wires Are Frayed or Damaged

If aligning the garage door sensors doesn’t work, take a look at the sensor wires to see if they appear damaged. In addition, check if they’re connected correctly. You should contact a professional repair service, as handling the issue yourself could be dangerous

4. The Infrared Beam is Obstructed

The infrared beam that runs between the garage door sensors could start malfunctioning if it is obstructed. It might be something clearly in the way or something small that looks beside the sensor but is in front of it in reality.

Having Garage Door Troubles?

Maintaining your garage door is essential to enjoy its optimum performance. This way, you won’t have to worry about the yellow garage door sensor light or any other issue. So instead of waiting, dial (832) 349-2189 to contact Cypress Garage Door and Gates.

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