Importance and Function Of Garage Door Torsion Springs

Having properly functioning garage doors is of prime importance to make the most of your investment. No matter whether your door is old or new, repairs can come up at any time. If you find your torsion springs of the garage door not working adequately, think about getting a replacement or repair.

One thing you can do as a garage door owner is to know clearly about the function and performance of your door to get the most positive experience of your garage door.

Garage Door Torsion Spring – Function

Typically a garage door has two types of springs; one of which are torsion, and their prime function is to balance it.

They are found on the top and secured with a metal shaft that passes via the middle of the springs.

However, this design may vary depending on the design of your garage door. This is why getting your garage door examined before ordering the springs is essential for exact placement.

The function of torsion springs in your garage door is to store mechanical energy. It does that in combination with the door cables.

Torsion springs twist on a horizontally placed bar present above the door. The torsion spring tightens itself upon closing and unwinds on opening.

This process of winding and unwinding of the torsion springs performs the opening and closing of the door.

The spring releases tension in it while the door opens, and the energy store helps with lifting the door weight.

It is because of torsion springs you lift the garage door without putting in any effort.

Detecting Problem in Torsion Springs

There is a possibility of a problem in your garage door torsion springs if there is a need for strength to open and close it. In order to avoid this circumstance, you must keep up with appropriate repairs timely.

If not, then it will cause damage leading to the entire replacement of the door.

Importance of Garage Door Torsion Springs

You will see torsion springs at the top of the opening in many garage doors. The spring is very heavy and tightly wound to provide the strength and force to lift the garage door.

The springs help in balancing the door by generating torque to manage the weight of the door.


Problems in your garage door torsion springs will result in a dent in your pocket. And that is the reason why we appreciate you going for regular examinations, let one of our professionals from Cypress Garage Door and Gates help you.

Our experts will handle every query and will explain to you further what to do about them. Call us for a consultation at 832-349-2189 today.

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