Is It The Time To Replace Your Garage Door Yet? A Complete Guide

Garage Doors stand firm while facing harsh weather conditions and do their best to keep malicious intruders out. Hence, garage doors experience wear and time with time. Although we would want our garage doors to last a lifetime, we don’t always get whatever we wish for. However, regular maintenance can add substantial years to the door’s lifetime, but that will only delay the inevitable. Eventually, you will have to face the decision to replace the garage door or repair it.

In some scenarios, repair might not be the best course to go for. Hence, a better and cost-effective option might be to replace the garage door altogether. Therefore, let’s discuss some situations where you might need a garage door replacement.

Old Is Not Always Gold:

If you are still using an old garage door, you will miss the exciting features new garage doors offer, especially the automatic doors. Moreover, old doors require frequent repairs – a side effect of old age. Following are some common old door issues:

  • Noisy: Dirt and grime spare nothing, be it your car or garage doors; they attack everything. Hence, due to dirt buildup in the hinges, moving parts start to rattle with noise. Eventually, the abrasion may render the hinges useless or even damage the frame.
  • Heavy and Sagging: Sagging becomes a common occurrence in an old unmaintained wooden garage door. Primarily due to UV damage and moisture, the wooden panels start to rot and show signs of sagging. Furthermore, a saggy door feels heavy when you try to operate it using a lever.

Therefore, replacing old doors with newer models is a cost-effective option in the long run.

Costly Repairs:

Repairs are most convenient for minor or moderate problems like flaking paint or small cracks. However, if the damage has deep roots that compromises the door’s structural integrity, repairs won’t be enough. Moreover, in some cases, the costs of repair might exceed the price of a new door. Few critical problems are as follows:

  • Rusty doors: When the metal starts to rust, it grows porous and soft, chipping off easily. Therefore, rust is a critical issue that eats away the strength of a steel garage door.
  • Malfunctioning Door: A new door may be due if the current one simply refuses to open or close as per instructions.

High Running Costs:

If the door somehow adds to your bills, the door is not working in your best interest. For example, a crack or a crevice in the garage door creates an opening for outside air to enter. Therefore, on hot days, hot air will blow in and disrupt the internal cooling. As a result, your HVAC system has to work overtime to maintain the desired level of cooling, and a similar case occurs during colder days.


Sometimes replacing a garage door seems like a pleasant reality compared to repairing the same old door. Therefore, call Cypress Garage Door & Gates at 832-677-3502 for expert guidance to help you make better decisions regarding your garage door.

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