Is Your Garage Door Off Track? Try These 8 Steps

Garage owners know that little problems might arise. Still, it does not help when the minor inconvenience does arrive. For example, a garage door that’s off track isn’t exactly how you would prefer to start your day. However, it is still a problem that you shouldn’t neglect. But you can deal with this garage door issue in eight easy steps; carry in reading to learn the steps.

Fixing a Garage Door That’s Off Track

It might be bothersome to have a faulty garage door. But don’t take your anger out on the door by trying to pull it forcefully. If you pull a jammed door, it might lead to serious injuries.

These steps might help you deal with a garage door that’s off track:

1. Disconnecting the Opener

Disconnect the opener before you try anything to fix the garage door, stopping the door’s operation. To do so, look for the rope that connects to the opener; you’ll find it dangling overhead. Pull the rope to disconnect the opener. This way, you can operate your garage door manually.

2. Opening the Garage Door

Once you’re certain that the opener is disconnected, lift the door manually to open it. Request someone to help you with this step, as the garage door can be quite heavy. Opening the door yourself might lead to severe consequences.

3. Looking for the Jamming Wheels

Scan for the wheels that are getting off track of your garage door after you’ve opened it. Close the garage door and reopen it if you cannot locate the jamming wheels. If you’re fixing the door for the first time, you might have trouble finding the wheels. In that case, contact a professional to repair your garage door and help you with the issue on hand.

4. Stopping the Tracks

After locating the faulty wheels, you must halt the tracks. Place a pair of pliers beneath the spot where the roller has popped out of the tracks; this will stop them in place.

5. Returning the Wheels to the Tracks

First, ensure that the tracks are secured well enough. Then, hold the outer edge of your garage door tracks, pulling it with the help of the pliers. This will provide sufficient room to return the wheels back on track.

6. Knocking the Track

Now that you’ve positioned the wheels back in place, it’s time to start knocking the track. Use a rubber mallet to lightly hit and knock the track back to where it originally was. This step should put your off-track garage door back on track.

7. Manually Checking the Door’s Operation

Remove the pliers from the track to check the door’s operation. Move the door up and down with your hands. Checking the garage door’s function manually will help you determine if it is still off track. Furthermore, it also helps you check the balance.

8. Automatically Testing the Door

If manually checking the door satisfies you regarding its function, you can reconnect the opener. Use the remote to activate the opener, letting it run its usual opening and closing cycle. Your door is back on track and fixed if it runs the cycle as it should. However, you’ll need to contact a professional if the garage door is still showing issues.

What to Do?

Your garage door might be off track due to a number of reasons. The solution will depend on the problem, and you can fix some of them yourself. The bigger problems, however, should be left to the professionals. Or else, you might face severe injury or other issues. Our Cypress Garage Door and Gates professionals are always available to help at (832) 349-2189.

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