Manual Vs Automatic Garage Door – All You Need To Know About Them

Garage doors are the face of your house. They have the ability to increase or decrease the value of your asset. This is why maintaining and choosing a good garage door is crucial. Other than looks, your garage door secures your house, the valuables, and living beings inside. So, which one is better for your house? Manual vs. automatic garage doors – let’s find out.

Types of Garage Doors

There are two main categories in which we have divided garage doors; manual and automatic. The former is easily opened and closed by hand.
On the other hand, remote control or radar mechanism can do the job too for automated ones.

Manual Garage Door

Your garage door is supposed to do the following:

  1. Give you access to storage space.
  2. Provide security for the items stored inside.

It is mostly found in old homes now because times have changed, and with modern technologies, there is no need to lift a finger even.

Typical designs make use of a handle or a rope to lift and lower the part of the door. Moreover, not just opening and closing but locking and unlocking have to be done with a key.

The plus side is that manual garage doors will cost you way less than electric garage doors, with the added advantage of low electric costs.

On the flip side, the system is quite complex and difficult to use; and with the fast pacing world, who has the time to read manuals, right?

Automatic Garage Door

This is more fit for the modern world. An automatic garage door operates via a remote control or from a switch inside your garage.

This means that rather than manually opening the door using a hand, just command it to open or shut.

Automatic garage doors come with a system of motor gears along with tracks for smooth functioning. Additionally, some types of automatic garage doors have sensors in them that detect an obstruction in the way, ensuring safety.

Moreover, they offer additional safety features like an automatic reverse. This way, you do not worry about any living being getting crushed under your garage door accidentally; phew!

Manual Vs. Automatic Garage Doors – Which One To Go For?

Automatic garage doors, of course! Well, this is not much of a surprise now, is it?

They are more convenient and user-friendly compared to manual ones. You can operate a huge door with the push of a button.
Moreover, manual ones are far behind in terms of safety features compared to automatic garage doors. They fall short of sensors that detect obstacles to prevent the door from closing if something is in their way.

However, let’s not ignore the part of financial expense here. Automatic garage doors are definitely more expensive to get and maintain compared to manual ones.

Other than that, your electric bill can skyrocket since it needs electricity to work.

Still, we feel that in the right choice and the battle of manual vs. automatic garage doors, the winner depends on you, the person buying it.

Final Words

Decide which door of the two is best for you after taking all the parameters, such as cost, safety, and installation, into consideration. You can always contact professionals from Cypress Garage and Gates in case of queries. We can also help you hook up with the most affordable items and installation prices. Call now at (832) 349-2189 to connect with us.

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