Pros and Cons of a Wall-Mount Garage Opener

No matter how many garage door openers you explore, nothing really rivals the ease and efficiency that come with a wall-mount opener. You no longer have to struggle with a clunky, manual operator or fumble to find the remote control. With wall-mount openers, the way we interact with garage doors has been revolutionalized, thanks to the wide range of benefits they offer. In this blog, we will talk about how a wall-mount garage door opener pros and cons. Carry on reading to learn!

Benefits of Wall-Mount Openers for Your Garage Door

A wall-mount opener enhances the overall functionality of your garage door. Here are some benefits they offer:

  1. Does Not Take a Lot of Space:
    An evident advantage of a wall-mount garage door opener is that it has a compact design, which leaves space in the ceiling area. Since it is placed on the wall beside the garage door, you can utilize the available ceiling space how you want.
  2. Whisper-Quiet Operation: You will not have to bear the noises of the opener operating; wall-mount openers are popular for their quiet and smooth operation. They are equipped with advanced belt or jackshaft drive systems, which eliminate the noise and vibrations that are linked with the chain-drive systems.
  3. Better Security:
    You can have peace of mind knowing your family and property are safe with wall-mount garage door systems. They offer enhanced security features, including rolling code technology and secure encryption, which makes unauthorized access impossible. That’s not all — the absence of a trolley system makes it extremely challenging for anyone to bypass the opener and invade your house.
  4. Convenience:
    The convenient and accessible design makes it much more easy to operate the garage door. No more looking for the remote control; the wall-mount garage door helps you access and control the garage door with a simple touch. This means you can operate the doorway with the help of your smartphone apps or voice commands.
  5. More Ceiling Clearance:
    You can opt for a wall-mount garage door opener if you have limited headroom in the garage. When you skip the traditional overhead rail system, you will have additional overhead clearance. You can use the space for storage. Plus, it is convenient if you need to accommodate vehicles with high roof profiles!

Cons of Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener

A wall mount may offer a plethora of benefits, but it is not perfect. Therefore, it may not be a suitable option for you even with the compact design, increased security, and additional space. The jackshaft opener, for one, is not capable of lifting heavy garage doors due to the location. Since the opener is at a lower point than the garage door, it does not provide a sufficient amount of force to lift it. Other than this, you will need an outlet to plug the opener, which can be a problem for many.

Invest in the Best Garage Door Services!

If you are getting a new garage door opener, why not get the best there is? A wall-mount opener offers many benefits, from security to convenience to quiet operation. However, there are a few catches as well. Talk to an expert to know what is right for you!

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