Pros and Cons of Horizontal Wood Gate

Having an attractive driveway gate is one of the desires of the present world. And if the driveway gate is a unique one, it adds to the beauty of your home. Such a desire is to add a horizontal wood gate to your driveway. Although horizontal wood driveway gates look amazing, these have their own pros and cons.

Horizontal Wood Gate: Pros

These are horizontal planks of wood on a metal frame. The following are advantages of these driveway gates

Noise Reduction Ability

One of the best advantages of using these gates is their ability to control and even cancel outside noise. The wood of these gates absorbs the sound that otherwise can pass through the vertical gates. The outside noise of traffic and other unnecessary sounds are reduced to a great extent.

Horizontal Wood Gate Provides Privacy

Since these gates do not have any space between the planks of wood, it helps to provide privacy. People passing by cannot see through these gates. Such designs become absolutely important for a family with kids and young adults.

Increase in resale value

The design of horizontal wood gates is what makes it unique and popular, and therefore, anybody who wishes to sell the property can easily do so at increasing value. Furthermore, these gates are also a sign of status so the owner can take advantage of showing off their property to others and can stand out among competitors.

Horizontal Wood Gate: Cons

These gates are amazing; however, these do have certain disadvantages as well

Easy to climb

Where the standard gate protects the property by guarding it, these gates are easy to climb for thieves. The fences which have gaps in them become a major problem for the family. Therefore, to be on the safe side, people should carefully choose the design of these gates.


Yet another disadvantage is that these fences are susceptible to wrapping and becoming curved. In areas where it rains heavily, these gates become a problem for people because of wrapping.

You must have heard that beauty comes with a price. Therefore, if you want an amazingly attractive driveway gate, then you need to take certain risks. Despite the disadvantages, the popularity of these gates is growing. If you also want an attractive gate for your driveway, contact Cypress Garage and Gates and enjoy a beautiful driveway gate.

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