Read This Article Before Repainting Your Garage Door.

Your home’s exterior will surely mean a lot to you. After all, aesthetics is where you can display your creativity and harmony. One of the major factors contributing to your home’s curb appeal is the garage door. Your garage door stands out tall as a magnificent guardian to the luxuries of your garage, making it simply hard to miss. Therefore, any fruitful experiment you carry out on the garage door aesthetic will improve the curb appeal and amp the plot’s resale value. So out of two common methods to do so, replacing the garage door and repainting it, which one should you consider?

Things to consider before repainting your garage door:

The material it’s made from: Most garage doors are made from steel, vinyl, aluminum, and wood. However, a wooden garage door has to face a paintbrush the most, so why is that? For steel and aluminum the garage door has factory baked color on it. For vinyl garage doors, they come with color-infused material. Hence, this makes colors quite durable on vinyl and metal garage doors. Therefore, you will only feel the need to repaint vinyl and metal garage gates when the paint on them starts to peel or flake off due to rust or wear and tear. Now, the point of rust, wear, and tear brings us to the next topic of our discussion.

The Condition Of Your Garage Door: Before picking up your gears, you need to consider whether repainting is worth the effort. If the garage door is quite old and ill-maintained, you might need to repair it often. Hence, this will ruin the fresh look of the paint. Therefore, replacing such a door is a lucrative option in the long run. On the other hand, if your door is well maintained, you will just need to repaint it, and it’s fresh look will serve you for years to come.

Age Of The Door: We slightly touched on the topic of your garage door’s age when discussing the condition of your garage door. However, should you repaint a garage door that is old even though it’s well maintained? Here, it would help if you consider cool new features you will miss if you decide to carry on with the old door by repainting it. These new features include some safety features that we advise you not to miss.

Energy Efficiency: This part of our discussion rolls directly from our previous discussion about your garage door’s age. An older garage door might not have the insulation you need to make your garage door energy efficient. Therefore, if you are trying to cut down your utility bills and save some energy, garage door replacement is better than repainting it.


Repainting a garage door is a good option if replacing it seems costly and unnecessary. However, if your garage door is ill-maintained, lacks new features, and is not energy efficient, your bet lies with replacing it. Check out the variety of garage doors you can choose from at Cypress Garage Door and Gates. You can call us at 832-677-3502 to learn more about how we can help.

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