Guide to different Types of garage door openers? Which one is right for you?

A garage door does a lot of work for you. You might not even realize how many times it opens or closes in a year. This shows that the openers of the garage doors are crucial for the smooth functioning of the door. If the openers fail, they will lead to keeping your car at risk in the open environment. Therefore, it is worth knowing what the different types of garage door openers so you may choose the best one.

How different types of garage door openers work?

Different types of garage door openers come in different styles. Though they all do the same job of opening the door, their functionality makes a difference on your door choice.

Chain drive:

This is the most common type of garage door opener. It uses chains to push and pull the door up and down. Being the oldest technology, these are also the most trusted, among many others. If you wish you have an affordable and reliable opener, then this should be your choice.

Belt drive:

Instead of a chain, these openers use a belt to open or close the door. Comparatively, these are quieter but expensive. However, as there is less number of parts used in this opener, therefore, the chances of breakage are also less.


Jackshaft or side mount openers do not rely on a chain or a belt to open the door. Instead, a motor activates the torsion tube and moves the door up and down. The best part of this opener is that it requires minimum maintenance and is quick. However, advanced technology makes a choice a little expensive than the others.

If you are confused about choosing the opener that would be right for your garage, contact Cypress Garage and Gates, and our team will guide you in selecting from the different types of garage door openers.

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