What Do You Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Open?

There are chances that you are trying to open your garage door, and it doe not seem to open. The issue can be a simple one, and this article helps you learn how to diagnose it. Troubleshooting will help you save money and save time to get your garage door working.

Here are five of the most common reasons:

  • Batteries: This should be the first thing if you cannot open your garage door because it is the most overlooked item. Fortunately, it is the easiest and the most and inexpensive fix of all. The most common battery that fits most garage door openers is a 3-volt lithium coin or a 9-volt one.
  • The Track Might Be Unaligned: If this issue is not handled properly, it can become a serious problem. For the door to operate in the best manner, the metal track’s alignment is a must. If your track is out of alignment, the door’s weight and regular use can become an issue over time. In this case, call for help.
  • Springs Might Be Broken: Do not open your garage door if you notice that the spring is broken. This is one of the most common issues most service teams are called in for a repair. The spring breaks once it reaches its lifecycle. The tension due to this causes more damage to your garage door. Make sure a trusting a skilled service technician repairs the springs.
  • The Gear Kit Is Stripped: If the garage door is imbalanced, it can result in the gear stripping off. If you hear a humming or grinding noise and your garage door doesn’t open, there is a chance one or more gears might have been affected. You must be knowing that a garage door is weighty. With too much strain, the garage door will not open. Replacing the gear kit will fix the door.

If you are facing any of the above issues and need assistance with your garage door, Automatic Gate Repairs Cypress is available at your service. Call us at 832-677-3502, and our technicians will visit you.

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