What Factors Affect The Price Of Garage Door Replacement?

Are you searching for ways to increase your property value and do not know where to start? Take a step out and have a look at your house; what’s the first thing you laid eyes on? A garage door, right? That’s your answer! It is the easiest way to enhance the curb appeal of your property, but how much does a new garage door cost?

On average, a garage door will cost you around 750 USD to somewhere around 1700 USD. The amount encompasses the labor and material cost together.

You must remember that garage door replacement is not light on the pocket; however, the value it adds to your home is worth it.

Let’s discuss some factors that affect the overall cost of garage door replacement/installation.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a New Garage Door

Many parameters amount to the entire cost of your door, including upgrading from manually operated to automatic garage gates, additional features, if any, etc. Here are some weighing factors:

The size of your door

It is the first and most important factor directly impacting your garage door replacement cost.

If you have a one-car garage door, it will be less price compared to a two-car garage door. This is due to the smaller sizes and lower material costs.

There is a way to get a less pricey door: opt for a standard-size one. It costs less because the purchase is possible directly from its manufacturer rather than placing a special order.

Materials and Design

The style and material used to make your preferred garage door are factors that add to the entire cost of it.

Custom-designing of doors that include special kinds of windows is usually more expensive. Other than that, options such as adding a lift mechanism make the doors pricey.

Labor Cost

According to the survey, around 300-350 USD is dedicated to the laborers. The cost depends on your residential location and the number of doors you want to add.

Type of Locks For Security

Some locks work on specific models of automatic garage door motors. By adding this, you ensure extra protection of your house and other valuables. Typically, the average cost of adding a lock is around 250 USD.


Insulation is a fantastic way to save up on your energy bills. It is a smart move that saves up money in the long run. They save money by limiting sharp drops in temperatures.

If you go for garage door insulation, the cost you need to add is between 50 USD to 500 USD. However, if you want a door that is built with insulation, they are available in the range of 200 to 600 USD more than the non-insulated version.

Final Words

Your garage door is an investment, so it is better to think thoroughly before pooling your money in. And no one better than experts from Cypress Garage Door and Gates in Cypress, TX, can help you in this regard. Give us a call at (832) 349-2189 or drop by our office at 23550 Highway 290, Unit # 3, Cypress, TX 77429, for more insights on this.

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