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An automatic garage door makes life a lot easier with managing your door just a button away. However, it doesn’t take much time for things to go downhill – leaving you bewildered about what to do next. Now, before you reach out for your tool kit, keep in mind that the garage door uses sensors to control motion. Hence, if the lens of a sensor gets blurred or sensors are out of alignment, your door may go haywire.

For example, when there are issues with the garage door’s safety sensors, the door might not close fully. Here is what might happen:

When you try to close the door, your doors obey and begin to move down. However, in the midway, the door reverses its direction and starts to open up again.

What’s The Use Of Safety Sensors?

The use of these sensors is quite evident from its name, and your garage door has a pair of these as a standard safety protocol. Moreover, it’s important to note that it is compulsory in the US for every garage to be equipped with this type of sensor. This is because the inclusion of safety substantially reduces injuries and even deaths caused by a garage door crushing someone.

How Does This Sensor Work?

You can find these sensors six inches above the ground, mounted on the two sides of the garage door frame. The setup comprises an emitter( sends a laser beam) and a receiver (receives the laser beam), both facing each other. Consequently, a laser beam connects these two components. However, whenever something cuts or intercepts the laser flow, the action triggers a fallback safety mechanism. Hence, as a result, a closing door will open back up again.

Nonetheless, when the components are misaligned, or the receiver’s lens is dirty, false triggers can be generated, leading to a malfunctioning door.

How Can Your Resolve Safety Sensor Issues In Your Automatic Garage Door?

You can start by checking the alignment of the components as they must face each other at all times. Sometimes, the bolts holding the bracket loosens, and the component leans away from its position. Hence, fasten these screws and tilt the head until the alignment is perfect. This would resolve any issues with alignment.

However, if the alignment is not your problem, then try cleaning the lens. All you need is a commercial glass cleaner and a microfibre towel. Start by spraying the cleaner on the lens and gently wipe away the solution. Moreover, you need to be cautious when wiping the lens as rough treatment and abrasive cleaning agents can cause streaking.

You can try out these two DIY solutions to rectify the problem. However, if the door still malfunctions, you need to take a step back and let professionals take over. Moreover, if you have such sensor issues, don’t delay calling Cypress Garage Door & Gates at 832-677-3502 because the cost here is your safety.

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