Why choose a Single Panel Garage Door?

A single panel garage door is one of the most common and widely used designs. Despite being typical, but many people like the style over other models due to its qualities. However, several different garage doors are available to choose from depending on the individual’s taste and needs. Usually, the garage door has a single panel or is sectional. A sectional door has separate pieces instead of a huge piece.


A single panel garage door has two styles; canopy and retractable. Depending on the place and the client’s preference, both the types look attractive. The single panel door is affordable. It suits everyone’s budget and is simple to install. The part is in one piece that attaches easily in folds or as a canopy.

Reliable and aesthetic appeal

Another reason for the single panel door popularity is its reliability. The door is simple and does not require many fixtures to make it complicated. It comes with a simple mechanism, and if any problem arises, the replacement parts are readily available and not much expensive. Additionally, the door has a great aesthetic appeal, especially when it is closed. The appearance of the door is usually textured and paneled, which gives it a great look.


The garage door is widely available in all widths and sizes as per the need. It fixes to different types of garages and is a secure option. Security is a concert, and garages are one place through which intruders can enter. A single panel garage door makes the garage safe due to its design. So, if you lock the door, it isn’t easy to pass through it.

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Hence, we find a single panel garage door in many commercial and residential properties. So if you are planning for garage door installation, try the local brand. Cypress garage and gates is a Houston based company dealing with many types of automatic driveway repair services and gate installation. Call us at 832-677-3502 to schedule your appointment.


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