Why Is The Garage Door Heavy?

You can operate your garage door, either manually or automatically. If it’s an automatic garage door, you will need a switch and a remote to operate it. The weight of an automatic garage door is subject to the horsepower of the garage door opener.

The weight of a garage door is subject to several factors, and there is no benchmark. Some elements are the doorway’s size, types of insulation, and protection materials included, the doorway’s thickness, the amount of steel used in the door, the kind of door, etc. A wooden door will have a completely different weight compared to a roll-up garage door weight.

Weight Of A Wooden Door

The most critical element being used is wood for style, and it depends on the type of wood used. Wooden garage doors are heavier than other doors and strong enough to hold on to water from entering the garage when it rains.

Doors Made Of Glass

A glass door is an ideal improvement when it comes to your home’s yards. They give your home an outstanding look and increase its value. But did you know that a glass garage door can increase its weight but almost 400 pounds?

Insulations On Garage Doors

You also need to consider the type of insulation and protection used in the garage door. For an average garage door, the weight is about 150 pounds. But after the installation of insulation, the weight of the door increases to about 200 pounds. We then include the weight of the back steel. You’re looking at the door, becoming almost 250 pounds.

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