Your Garage Door Has Windows? Here Is How to Limit Garage Door Break Ins

Garage door windows are fantastic, but it won’t be so cool if you live in a notorious neighborhood. Generally, windows allow sunlight through and naturally illuminates the whole garage. However, they can also give an insight to prying eyes about what’s happening in the garage. Thus, this leads to a dilemma: whether to opt for safety or save your electricity bill? Nonetheless, this dilemma becomes trivial when you know how to secure your garage and limit garage door break-ins.

Benefits Of Garage Door Window – Do They Outweigh Security Concerns?

There are two primary pros of having a garage door with windows. Firstly, it naturally illuminates your garage, so you don’t have to turn on the switch when working during the day. Ultimately, you reap the reward in terms of a lower electricity bill. Secondly, it helps to increase the curb appeal of your house. Hence, if you plan to shift or sell your home soon, then windows are a great investment with ROI when you finally sell it.

However, if you spend most time out of your house, then a garage door window can be a liability. They provide thieves with an easy break-in opportunity. Plus, you need to rely on garage lighting when you work in the garage during the night. Thus, you are not cutting your electricity either.

How To Limit Garage Door Break-Ins?

You can make your garage doors more private and secure by following these suggestions:

Using A Frosted Glass:

Frosted or decorated glass obscures what’s going on in your garage from the outside world. Plus, it allows sunlight to pass through just fine. Thus, you are benefitting from the best of both worlds.

Using A Durable And Strong Glass:

You will find a variety of glasses in the market, and each with its unique benefits. Therefore, we will discuss three types of glasses: plain glass, tempered glass, and acrylic.

Plain glass: This is a simple day to day glass that can break with an elbow force. Moreover, you can get a frosted or an etched version of this to increase garage privacy. However, you can’t expect it to keep thieves out.

Tempered Glass: This type of glass is five times stronger than the plain one. In addition, you can get a frosted version of it as well, so tempered glass also adds to your privacy.

Acrylic Glass: It’s a shatter-resistant thermoplastic, so it’s the most durable of the lot but also expensive. This glass can easily withstand high force, but it’s prone to scuffing.

Using Motion Sensors:

A motion sensor detects an intruder entry, and then timely alerts you as well. You can link it to your phone or a burglar’s alarm, so ones with malicious intent can’t get away.

How Can You Limit Break-In Damage:

The best way to limit and secure your valuables is never to keep them lying in the garage. Instead, use safe boxes or locks to limit the chances of them being stolen.


While we mainly discussed how to limit break-ins through your garage door’s window but that’s not the only weak spot. You need to keep a garage maintained and repair them regularly to sustain its durability. Thus, call Cypress Garage Door & Gates for repair services at 832-677-3502.

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