Your Guide For Choosing The Right Garage Door Colors.

Colors can define one’s personality and have the ability to sway emotions. Therefore, many homeowners carefully pick a color for their garage door. This is because a garage door has to blend in with your home and create visual harmony. Consequently, it would help if you choose garage door color thoughtfully before going out with your paint and brush. In this article, we shall break down the color theory and then move on to discuss some popular garage door color choices.

The Color And You:

Color theory is all about how colors can affect your emotion and how you can choose colors to reflect on your personality. To begin with, we can divide colors into three categories:

  • Cold: Cold colors represent tranquility, harmony, and calmness. Standard cold colors include blue, green, and violet.
  • Warm: On the other hand, warm color indicates energy. These colors are eye-catchy, with red being the king. Other warm colors are yellow and orange.
  • Neutral: Some colors don’t fall in any of the above categories. These colors can complement both types. Essentially, neutral color means “without color”, so they don’t appear on the color wheel. The two prominent neutral colors are white and black. Now, white is basically the mixture of all the colors, and black is the void of all colors. In addition, lighter shades of black or white can create a variety of neutral colors, such as gray. Some shades of brown also fall into the domain of neutral colors.
  • A Garage Door’s Aim:

    Installation of a garage door can serve various purposes, and the garage door’s color allows you to reach that goal. For example, if you want to increase your curb appeal, you would like a garage door to complement your home’s color and blend in. Therefore, it would help if you opt for neutral or cold colors to create harmony. Hence, for that people mostly choose a white, soft gray, or beige color.

    An Additional Factor:

    Another factor that plays a vital role in deciding a suitable garage door color is the architecture of your home. For example, a garage door that can blend in the white or grayish exterior is the best choice if you have a colonial design home. On the contrary, if you are a fan of modern home architecture, then your garage door color choice can be as adventurous as your home design. Some homeowners even opted for two garage doors in their modern home, and both of quite contrasting colors.

    The Three Favorites:

    From our discussion above, we know that neutral colors and some shades of cold color create harmony without being visually intrusive. Hence, these properties make white and soft grey a top choice for the majority of homeowners.

    Another favorite design and color of the garage door is the natural brown oak wood color. The ‘wooden’ color symbolizes nature, and nature is another word for harmony and peace. This design also looks classy. Therefore, making it trendy among garage owners.

    Cypress Garage Door & Gates offers these three trendy garage door options in our catalog. We offer the installation of these garage doors, made to fit in completely. For more information call us at 832-677-3502.

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